3 Benefits of Cast Urethane in Food Production

Food Processing

Many industries are turning to urethane parts and products for a variety of applications. Cast urethane offer many benefits over conventional materials such as elastomers and plastics including strength, toughness, durability, and versatility. One of the industries taking advantage of cast urethane is food processing. The food processing sector utilizes a broad spectrum of cast urethane parts and components. Urethane products manufactured for the food processing industry include rings, gaskets, scrapers, chute liners, tabletops and custom molded FDA approved items.

Food production is a demanding industry where sanitation is critical and the risk of contamination must be minimized. For these reasons, components used in food packaging and processing equipment are required to be FDA compliant. There are two main types of food processing applications that are based on the production environment: wet and dry. FDA grants approval for production equipment for either wet or dry service. An example of an FDA dry application is a urethane guard used on a conveyor that carries dry products, such as sugar or rice. Similarly, an FDA wet application is when a urethane guard is used on a conveyor that carries fish or other meat products.

It is imperative that food producers work with a trusted partner, like PSI, who has the requisite experience and offers a myriad of FDA approved products. Click here to learn more about PSI’s FDA approved cast urethane products for wet and dry food processing applications.

3 Benefits of Cast Urethane in Food Production

Below are three key benefits of employing cast urethane in food production applications. It should be noted that these benefits result in product longevity as well as fewer downtimes and disruptions to operations – making cast urethane products a cost-effective solution for food production.

  • Superb Abrasion and Impact Resistance: cast urethane products are known for their abrasion and wear resistance, resulting in longer service life and fewer downtimes for replacement. In fact, no other metal or rubber stands up to abrasive materials as well as urethane. Plastics often crack or break under impact loading or stress, especially at higher durometers (hardness). Conversely, urethane is not brittle and will maintain its strength and impact resistance over a range of durometers. Urethanes are also tear-resistant, and can withstand a wide range of operating conditions and environments without sacrificing quality or performance. For example, urethane maintains excellent mechanical properties in extreme high and low operating temperatures – something plastic simply cannot do. These characteristics make cast urethane an excellent choice for food production.

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  • Versatility and Fully Customizable: cast urethane is ideal for a variety of applications as it can be formulated to meet the specific needs of each application. Urethane products are customizable including color, thickness, shape, and durometer (hardness). When compared to plastic, urethane offers versatility and reliability that is unmatched, which makes it the preferred material for many industrial applications including food production. Whether you need FDA approved wet or dry formulations or specific durometers for grip or strength, urethane can be formulated to give the best wear for your food production application.
  • Excellent Tensile Strength & Elasticity: plastics tend to stretch and either break or deform, unable to return to their original shape. Urethane has incredible elasticity and is able to be stretched and regain its shape without sacrificing strength or integrity. Additionally, polyurethane has the ability to handle more pounds per square inch than rubber without rupturing and breaking apart.  These attributes provide essential functionality to food production equipment like gaskets and conveyor rollers, especially when systems are running fast and carrying a great deal of weight.

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