5 Industries that Benefit from Urethane Sheeting

Many industries are turning to urethane parts and products for a variety of applications. Polyurethane offers many unique advantages over conventional materials such as natural rubber, plastics, and metals. Urethane products deliver excellent product longevity and versatility as well as superior heat, chemical, and impact resistance. Urethane is quickly becoming the preferred material for parts that need to perform reliably and endure intense applications.

Urethane sheeting is one of the most common forms of urethane. A broad range of custom formulations allow urethane sheeting to be manufactured for a variety of industries. Below is information about 5 of the industries that benefit from urethane sheeting.

1. Food Processing: it may come as a surprise but the food and beverage industry utilizes a broad spectrum of urethane parts. From rings and gaskets to chute liners and conveyor guides, urethane products are abundant in the food processing sector. Additionally, urethane sheeting is the preferred material for covering the cutting surfaces of work areas and table tops as it is durable, tear-resistant and self-healing, meaning it will not deform under pressure or extended use. Urethane sheeting is also a very cost-effective solution. Click here to learn more about PSI’s FDA approved cast urethane products for wet and dry food processing applications.

2. Die Cutters: die cutting is a fabrication process which utilizes machines and tools to convert stock material, such as urethane sheets, into custom shapes and designs by cutting the material. Custom urethane sheeting enables extreme precision and accuracy in keeping close tolerances, which is a crucial element of a successful die cutting project. Die cutting is an economical solution to producing large quantities of a product. For example, die cutters can rapidly and uniformly stamp out an entire sheet of urethane seals or rings at a much lower price per part compared to machining or molding the parts. At PSI Urethanes, we have set the industry standard in quality cast urethane sheet for die cutting manufacturing.

3. Construction & Transportation: polyurethane liners are one of the many products made with urethane sheets. These liners are utilized throughout the construction and transportation sectors and are known for solving wear and tear issues during transport. In addition to their industry-leading abrasion resistance, urethane liners offer high tear strength and vibration dampening. These liners protect equipment to offer longer life cycles with less maintenance downtimes. Urethane liners can be found in hoppers, chutes, and concrete mixers, among other construction and transport applications.

4. Automotive: as the automotive industry continues the drive toward vehicles that weigh less, manufacturers are looking for lighter parts that provide impact resistance and durability as well as the ability to withstand extreme elements like heat and cold – and urethane is an excellent option. In fact, urethane sheeting is already utilized in many automotive manufacturing processes including vibration dampening pads, bumpers, and gaskets. Some automotive manufacturers even utilize urethane pallets to transport vehicles along the assembly line in order to protect the painted metal.

5. Metal Forming: metal forming is a fabrication process where the shape and/or surface of a metal piece is modified via the pressure applied by a forming press. Urethane sheeting or forming pads provide many benefits in metal forming applications such as extended product life cycles, improved forming definition, more uniform pressure distribution, and local forming pressure intensification. Due to its durability, urethane can withstand high metal forming pressures to produce more intricate shapes and maintain an unvarying level of productivity. As the leading manufacturer of cast urethane for metal forming press systems, PSI has a flawless history of mechanical integrity. Our urethane will protect finished products as it will not scratch and mar the surface. PSI has the ability to custom formulate for specific properties, such as rebound, elongation and tear resistance, further increasing longevity.

PSI’s Urethane Sheeting

PSI’s single batch casting process allows us to manufacture sheets to your specific needs. Do you need to bond material to metal? We can produce precision cast sheets with no wax on one side or both, and our standard cast sheets with no wax on one side. This means you do not have to rough up your sheet material for it to adhere to a substrate permanently. Do you need a dual durometer sheet for a tough application? We can produce a range of thicknesses and durometers in dual durometer sheets to fit your exact application. Our process guarantees they will not delaminate, even under extreme pressure. Click here for more info on our urethane sheet stock features and availability.

  • Standard Sheeting: stock urethane sheets for the purpose of giving you a cost-saving avenue when tight thickness tolerances are not critical.
  • Precision Sheeting: precision cast sheets come in a variety of forms and custom formulations while still maintaining tight tolerances when seamed together. When requested, PSI offers tolerances as close as ±.001″

With over 50 years of experience delivering the highest quality urethane products, PSI Urethanes stands unequaled in helping companies in hundreds of industries around the world apply urethane products to their critical business applications. Since 1966, through our own independent research and activity in the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association, PSI Urethanes has stayed on the leading edge of urethane technology – including developing advances in new materials, comprehensive designs, and processing technologies. Today we are among the most respected and trusted suppliers of custom cast urethane products.

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