Custom Urethane Products: Ideal Solutions for a Variety of Applications Part 2

Cast Urethane Parts

Custom urethane products are an ideal solution for a variety of applications. In part one of this blog post series we covered two situations where urethane performs better than other materials. In part two of this series we take a look at several other applications for custom urethane products.

High Abrasion Applications

 Custom urethane products have outstanding resistance to abrasion and have benefited hundreds of severe wear applications. Urethane is incredibly resistant to cracking, tearing and impact. Because of this, urethane has outworn rubbers, plastics, steel and even ceramics in high abrasion situations.

Custom urethane parts used in high abrasion applications include:

  • Bumpers
  • Skirting materials
  • Capper rings

High Stress and Strain Applications

Custom urethane products are a great solution for applications that include high levels of stress and strain. Urethane elastomers are known to be of high modulus, high tensile strength and high elongation. With plastics and rubbers, typically only one or two of these properties is present. Elongation is lost with plastics and rubber lacks high modulus and high tensile strength.

As highlighted in this blog post series, custom urethane products are an ideal solution for a variety of applications. More information on urethane applications can be found here. You can explore our custom urethane capabilities here.