Cast Urethane Products

Cast Polyurethane Products

PSI Urethanes offers a variety of cast polyurethane products in sheet, rod, tube, custom molded shapes, and more. Using premium grade urethane in custom formulations, we produce the highest quality custom cast urethane parts, and can also create prototypes from your drawings or sketches.

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a synthetic rubber created by reacting a polymer with an isocyanate and a crosslinking agent.  The elastomer can range from very soft to very hard, is resistant to many chemicals and is used in various industrial applications such as wheels, rollers and bumpers.

If you are in need of a custom cast urethane part, click a link below to learn more about our specific product offerings, or contact us today for more information.

Polyurethane Rollers

Urethane Rollers

PSI's covered rollers can carry up to four times more load than rubber.
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Polyurethane Rods

Urethane Rods

We provide custom diameters, lengths, hard- ness, and colors with little or no tooling costs.
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Custom Polyurethane Parts

Custom Urethane Products

Our in-house engineers can help you create molded urethane products.
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Polyurethane Rings

Urethane Rings

With our rings you'll reduce equipment downtime and save on material costs.
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Polyurethane Tubes

Urethane Tubes

We manufacture custom cast tubes using premium grade urethane..
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Our Urethane Casting Process:

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