Cast Urethane Washers

Providing Excellent Mechanical Strength & Wear Resistance

Urethane washers are used in multiple industries and can have numerous applications but are especially useful when assembling mechanical parts using bolts and nuts. Urethane washers are renowned for their high tear strength, good wear resistance, and aptitude for sealing and cushioning. Used in a variety of industries including construction, aerospace, electrical and automotive, urethane washers are fundamental to the function of many engineering processes and machinery.

What are the types of washers?

A washer is a thin, flat disc with a hole in the center. Depending on the construction material, washers can be used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener (like a screw or a nut), reduce vibration, prevent galvanic corrosion, or act as a spacer, spring, wear pad, locking device, or seal.

There are generally three types of washers: plain washers, spring washers, and locking washers.

  • Plain washers disseminate the weight of a load to prevent a surface from being damaged or to provide electrical insulation.
  • Spring washers are flexible enough to prevent a fastening from loosening due to intense vibration.
  • A locking washer can also be a spring washer; locking washers prevent materials (like a nut/bolt) from unfastening and coming loose.

Washers can play more than one role and are often used in a combination of the above.

What are the benefits of Urethane Washers?

As a material, urethane has physical properties that make it a popular choice for conditions that rubber simply cannot withstand. For instance, urethane offers more abrasion resistance than its rubber counterpart, can be manufactured in a broad spectrum of colors and sizes, is non-marking, and will return to its original shape (without taking a set, like rubber).

In general, urethane offers many advantages over metal washers. Urethane washers will not gall or scratch mating parts. Unlike both metal and rubber washers, urethane washers will not become brittle over a long duration of time under normal circumstances. They are also non-conductive and far surpass general grades of rubber washers with regards to ozone, shock absorption, and tear resistance and in general, they tend to cost far less than their metal counterparts.

Applications for Urethane Washers

Urethane washers are optimum vibration dampeners and can remain flexible at low temperatures. They perform well when utilized in abrasive resistant situations and are highly resistant to water, weather, hydrocarbon, mineral oils, and most chemical substances. Urethane washers also have tight sealing capabilities and since urethane is an elastomer, they can conform to nearly any shape.

Customizing Your Washers

PSI excels in meeting your needs for custom urethane washers. PSI offers custom sizes, formulas, colors, and durometers (hardness), as well as tight tolerances, ground finishes, and dual durometer rings to meet the specific needs of your business. Select from a range of flexibility in hardness and gain increased durability over an alternative rubber washer with urethane washers from PSI. Our most common hardness options are:

Durometer Hardness
25 Shore OO
40 Shore A
60 Shore A
70 Shore A
70 Shore D
80 Shore A
90 Shore A

Our staff members are happy to assist you with your urethane washer project, from prototype to full production. To receive the most accurate quote, please have the following information on hand:

  • Desired Color
  • Desired Volume
  • Outer Diameter
  • Outer Diameter Tolerance
  • Inner Diameter
  • Inner Diameter Tolerance
  • Thickness
  • Thickness Tolerance
  • Durometer

For further technical details about PSI’s custom urethane washers, or if you have any questions about the manufacturing process, call one of our experienced polyurethane professionals at (800) 888-5156. Or, conveniently request a quote for your custom urethane project online at any time.

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