Custom Urethane Formulations for Custom Needs

Cast Urethane Parts

Custom urethane parts are ideal solutions for a variety of applications with unique needs. When creating a custom urethane part, it is important that a custom urethane formulation is developed and designed as precisely as possible to ensure successful performance and longevity of the product.

Below are three key factors to consider when developing a custom formulation for your urethane part:

1. Durometer 

Durometer is urethane’s measurement of hardness. The range is very versatile and allows for customization—anywhere from soft as a marshmallow to the hardness of a bowling ball. When determining which durometer is right for your product, you’ll need to consider how your part will be used, the amount of weight the part will need to support, the frequency and strength of any impact, compression, flexibility requirements and more.

2. Physical Properties

The preferred physical properties of a custom product or part should be considered when developing a custom urethane formula. Properties to consider are:

  • Compression Set: The measurement of a material’s ability to resist deformation after a standard, intended performance.
  • Elongation: The material’s ability to stretch without breaking.
  • Tear Resistance: The resistance offered when a cut or puncture is applied to the material.
  • Tensile Strength: This is the strength provided when stretched longitudinally without rupture.

3. Dimensional Tolerance

Tolerance is the allowable variation from a set dimension. Tolerance is best defined only when you have a firm understanding of how the product or part will be used.

Considering a custom urethane part for your unique application? Turn to the experts at PSI urethanes for strategic guidance and help to identify the optimal formula needed. Doing this will not only ensure you create the strongest, toughest and most durable custom urethane part/product to meet your application needs, but will ensure you develop the most cost-effective formulation to achieve your goals.

More information on custom urethane formulations can be found in this article: Custom Urethane Formulations: Deciding What’s Best For Your Needs.