Urethane Sheets & Parts for Die Cutting

Here at PSI Urethanes, we have set the industry standard in cast urethane sheet manufacturing. Our quality and accuracy in keeping close tolerances makes our company sought out by die cutters around the world.

Precision Cast Sheets

All of our precision urethane sheets .125” or less will meet a thickness tolerance of ±.005”, .188″ and over will meet ±.010″.  When your specifications require, PSI can provide tolerances as close as ±.001”.  We also supply custom thickness of .005” to .400” and in durometer hardness of 20 Shore A to 70 Shore D.  All full-size sheets (38.5 x 122.5) are available in a wide array of standard colors, water clear, and custom colors upon request.

Durometers (hardness) of 25, 40, and 50 Shore OO material, we offer .063″ thru .124″ in square foot sections and full-sized sheets in .125″ up to .250″.  All of these sheets are available in a wide array of standard colors and custom colors upon request.

No Wax Precision Cast Sheets

PSI has developed a proprietary process that allows us to manufacture precision cast sheets without the use of wax or mold release. This process produces a sheet that provides stronger adhesion when bonded to a substrate or if a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to it.

Standard Cast Sheets

PSI also offers standard cast urethane sheets from .125″ and above in standard and custom sizes. The standard thickness tolerance of ±.030″ applies to almost all standard cast sheets.  However, it may increase to ±.045 depending on surface area and hardness.  These open cast sheets can be provided in any standard color, water clear, custom colors, and durometer.  They can be produced in custom widths and lengths, which keep drop-off (waste) to a minimum.

For bonding to a substrate, standard cast sheets can be manufactured with no wax or mold release on one side only.

In addition, we offer formulations that meet FDA Wet and Dry Food Criteria, ranging from 30 Shore A to 90 Shore A.  We manufacture a wide range of Ether’s, Ester’s, MDI’s and TDI’s, however, if your client has a requirement that is not standard for PSI, we can special order for you.

Backing “Cutting” Pad

Extend the life of your steel rule dies on any type of die cutting equipment, by using urethane as a backing pad.  The uniform surface extends the life of the steel rule knife/die because less pressure is needed when cutting.  Our premium grade urethanes meet the highest industry specifications enabling them to stand up to the most severe of applications.  While other materials can “chunk-out” under pressure and/or extended use, urethane is self-healing.

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