OEM Polyurethane Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) utilize PSI Urethanes’ manufacturing expertise for high quality cast polyurethane products and services for prototype parts through production. We work from drawings, designs or sketches. Our highly skilled and experienced product specialists and engineers are ready to assist you with designs of components for your specific use. We can custom blend urethane elastomer formulations to achieve your specific physical properties.

We can produce a prototype for testing or presentation purposes. PSI Urethanes consistently delivers high quality products by our meticulous attention to detail. This ensures the final unit meets your requirements and our quality craftsmanship exceeds your expectations.

Product System Details

PSI Urethanes’ production system adapts to maximize efficiency for production whether your needs are high capacity or low volume. The flexibility of our production system allows us to produce a variety of durometers, colors and formulations on a daily basis. Our in-house machine shop can produce molds or metal inserts to meet your precise requirements.

With more than 50 years of experience in the urethane casting business, we have an extensive knowledge about materials and design that can help you lay out the foundation for creating your original equipment.

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