Drain Protector

Urethane Drain Covers & Protectors

The Urethane Drain Covers You Need to Stop Chemical Spills

PSI offers a variety of durable, tough, and chemically resistant polyurethane drain protectors, drain covers, and safety seals that stop or prevent spills of hazardous materials like chemicals & oil. In fact, PSI is the manufacturer of the original DrainProtector™ Safety Seal, which is recognized around the world.

PSI’s urethane spill control products are used on the job sites at thousands of companies around the world. PSI’s spill control products are used in hundreds of industries including: hospitals, airlines, government, oil and gas industries, municipalities, chemical processing plants, consumer products, paper industries, ink factories, semiconductors, film production units, manufacturing sectors and more.

DrainProtector™ II


The DrainProtector II is a NEW reversible product constructed of a Solid Tacky Urethane
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Original Drainprotector™

Original Drainprotector

The Original DrainProtector was introduced in 1992 as the first positive sealing drain protector
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