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Original DrainProtector™, Drain Safety Seal

The Original Polyurethane DrainProtector™

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How to Use DrainProtector™

Introduced in 1992 as the first positive sealing drain protector, the DrainProtector™ immediately became the standard for the spill control and hazardous waste industry.


A tacky surface creates a positive seal that stops chemical spills every time.

Chemically Resistant

The urethane DrainProtector™ is compatible for use with a wider range of chemicals and substances than rubbers and plastics. Often more suitable when coming into contact with certain solvents, oils and chemicals. Plus, it’s environmentally safe.


A unique engineering process allows the DrainProtector™ to be heavy enough to seal, yet light enough to be portable and easy-to-use.


After using, simply wash the urethane DrainProtector™, replace its plastic film, roll it (yellow side up) on its tube, and return the tube to the container. The DrainProtector™ is tough enough to stand up to repeated use.

Large Stock

The DrainProtector™ is available in 18, 24, 36, 42 and 48 inch sizes (square) and shapes to meet a wide variety of job site requirements. DrainProtector™ can be custom made to your specifications at the manufacturers U.S. plant.

Conveniently Available

The DrainProtector™ is available directly from your local safety product distributor. To locate a distributor in your area call PSI at (800) 888-5156.

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