Applications for Urethane Cutting Surfaces

For a Durable, Self-Healing & Food Safe Surface

Urethane sheeting is the preferred material for covering the cutting surfaces of work benches, table tops, and more in manufacturing and food industries. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s especially ideal for applications that require abrasion resistance as urethane cutting surfaces are self-healing and tear resistant, as we’ll detail below.

Top Benefits of Urethane Cutting Surfaces

Many industries prefer urethane cutting surfaces over plastic, glass, or metal. In addition to being strong and durable, urethane cutting surfaces do not dull blades. These unique cutting surfaces are:

  • Self-sealing: Urethane sheeting prevents cutting blade deflection from scarred working surfaces or from following previous cutting marks. It also helps prevent a work surface from flaking or chipping, which could ultimately contaminate adhesives, prepeg carbon fiber, fabrics, or other materials that come in contact with the work surface.
  • Food safe: PSI’s standard and precision urethane sheeting is FDA approved for wet and dry food applications, which is ideal for industrial kitchens and packaging facilities.
  • Easy to clean: Urethane cutting surfaces are easy to wipe down and both sides of the sheeting can be utilized.
  • Abrasion and tear resistant: Urethane has a greater abrasion and tear strength range than rubber.
  • Resistant to most chemicals: Urethane is resistant to many chemicals, acids, and bases.

General Applications for Urethane Cutting Surfaces

Urethane cutting surfaces are typically utilized for large scale graphics tables, mold-making purposes, industrial grade cutting boards, and in ultrasonic cutting systems.

Custom Urethane Sheeting for Cutting Surfaces

PSI Urethanes offers both standard and precision urethane sheeting for the purpose of covering cutting surfaces. For fastest delivery, choose from PSI’s large stock of standard cast urethane sheeting with a thickness tolerance of ±0.030″ or precision sheets with a thickness tolerance of ±.005 or ±.010.  The standard durometers are 60A, 70A, 80A, and 90A. Stock sheeting is available in a natural color, but custom colors (black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, peach, brown, and white) are also available.

PSI Urethane’s premium grade urethanes meet the highest industry specifications, enabling them to stand up to even the most severe applications. No matter your urethane cutting surface needs, you can rely on PSI Urethanes. On request, urethane is available in almost any size!

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