Applications for Urethane Liners

The Best Solution for High Wear Solutions

Urethane liners are primarily used to solve wear issues related to the bulk transport or movement of materials. Simply put, they protect equipment from wear and tear. Like other urethane applications, urethane liners help prevent machinery maintenance and downtime, offer long-lasting protection, and can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your industry.

Before choosing an alternative liner, learn more about the common applications for urethane liners and how they may benefit your high wear application.

Introduction to Urethane Liners

Urethane liners can bring new life to your operation. These linings protect equipment from prolonged wear and urethane, in particular, offers the best abrasion resistance the industry has to offer. Urethane is also chemical resistant and can be bonded to metal to provide additional stiffness. It is great for the transport or movement of sticky materials. With urethane, the dirt or sludge rolls off easily.

Benefits of Urethane Liners

Urethane liners are preferred in many transport situations. Urethane is most often selected as the preferred lining because it:

  • Helps minimize impact and sliding abrasion damage in abrasive situations
  • Resists corrosion
  • Resists many chemicals, including oil, fuel, and grease
  • Helps minimize noise, sound dampening
  • Has a low coefficient of friction
  • Has a high tear strength
  • Resists impingement

Where Urethane Liners Are Used

Urethane liners are often used to protect metal hoppers and chutes from abrasive compounds, and are especially beneficial inside concrete mixers and hoppers. Their superior performance in viscous situations makes sustained use, cleanup, and care easy.

They can be bonded to existing equipment to give it new life, and are oftentimes utilized in fan and pump housings, cyclones, semi-trailers, screen frames, steel hoppers, dump trucks, concrete hoppers, tanks, grain bowls, pipes, potable water systems, and  centrifugal finishing machines.

Not all urethane liners are bonded. They can also be manufactured as drop-in liners or sheet material to meet the needs of your specific application.

Call PSI for a Custom Quote

Whether you need a drop-in liner, bolt-in liner, or a liner that satisfies FDA requirements, PSI’s urethane liners can be customized to fit your application and offers superior performance to help reduce equipment downtime and overall material costs.

Call one of our experienced urethane professionals at (800) 888-5156 for design assistance and to get help selecting the right lining for your equipment and processes. You can also conveniently request a quote for any size project online, at any time.

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