Understanding Urethane Mounts

For Reduced Movement & Maximum Vibration Absorption

What Is A Mount?

Most simply defined, a mount fixes an object in its operating position. Mounts help prevent the transfer of noise, vibration, and movement from one piece of machinery to another.  Mounts limit vibration and flexing to prevent wear and tear on critical components, they also control torque and eliminate breakage.

Urethane mounts are the industry standard replacement for rubber factory mounts that degrade, wear, and cause vibration.  A bushing may also be described as a flexible mount or anti-vibration mount.  There are a variety of mounts that can be manufactured out of urethane.

Advantages of Urethane Mounts

Urethane is the ideal material for many mount applications, as it’s highly resistant to oil, coolants, grease, and debris. Its unique chemistry means it performs well in both hot and cold temperatures, lasts 3 to 4 times longer than rubber mounts, and doesn’t dry or crack.

Urethane is also far superior to rubber in its abrasion and chemical resistance, while being much more economical to manufacture and easier to customize. Unlike rubber, urethane mounts are more durable and resistant to deformation.

Custom Urethane Mounts From PSI Urethanes

PSI Urethanes offers mounts in a variety of durometers and colors. Call one of our experienced polyurethane professionals today at (800) 888-5156 to learn more about our top quality urethane mounts and custom options. Or, conveniently request a quote for your custom urethane project online at any time.

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