Applications for Urethane Shock Absorbers

Urethane: The Ideal Compound for Shock Absorption & Vibration Damping

Due to its unique strength, durability, and vibration damping qualities, urethane is the ideal material for a variety of applications.  Used in severe machinery applications, electrical components, commercial aviation, and everyday elevators.  Urethane shock absorbers offer the chemical resistance and energy dispersal that other shock absorbing materials cannot.

In Simple Terms, What Is A Shock Absorber?

A “shock” is the result of a high impact force being delivered in a brief period of time. It’s a short duration event, involving a large magnitude of acceleration or deceleration, wherein one object encounters another.  It happens when two things, any two things, collide. The resulting energy can cause damage to the affected items and ultimately, cause downtime and waste.

In order to avoid the damaging effects of shock exposure, some sort of shock absorption methodology must be employed to minimize the breakdown of equipment.

How Are Urethane Shock Absorbers Used?

Urethane shock absorbers effectively and safely disperse and absorb energy. Energy dissipates outward, away from the source of the shock impact, so that the object or the object’s internal components are not damaged. Urethane shock absorbers can come in many hardnesses and shapes. They are used in many applications, including grommets, pads, dampers, bumpers, bushings, sheets, rings, hemispheres, and more.

Advantages to Urethane Shock Absorbers

Urethane shock absorbers are often utilized in applications where corrosion, vibration, and magnetism prevent the use of conventional steel springs.  Urethane shocks have proven to be a safe, reliable, and efficient as compression springs for stamping, punching, and drawing dies.

In many applications, urethane shocks are preferred to rubber shocks, as they do not degrade when exposed to oil, grease, smog, or ozone. Urethane is renowned for its vibration damping, shock absorbance, and abrasion resistance.  It also does not take a permanent set when compressed.  Urethane offers the following advantages to conventional shock absorbers:

  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • High load-carrying capability
  • High dielectric strength
  • Non-magnetic
  • Protection against marring and galling
  • Bondable to mating parts

Once installed, urethane shock absorbers help manufacturers reduce equipment downtime and cycle time limitations.

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