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The Truth About Durometer

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The durometer of urethane, the measurement of its hardness and the range at which it can be produced, is extremely versatile. Did you know that urethane’s durometer can range from as soft as a marshmallow to as hard as a bowling ball?

PSI Urethanes’ custom formulations span three different durometer scales, offering a full range of hardness not available from most urethane suppliers.

PSI Urethanes’ durometer scales include:

  • Shore 00 – Used for extremely soft materials
  • Shore A – Used for most rubbers and other elastomers (most common scale)
  • Shore D – Used for harder materials including many rigid plastics

Although durometer is a general indicator of other physical properties, it by no means reflects the amazing versatility of urethane. Physical properties such as rebound, shock absorption, temperature resistance, chemical/water resistance, flex strength and stretchability may be more important than hardness.

Let PSI custom formulate your product so it has the right physical properties for the job.

Shore 00 Physical Properties

Resilience, %253039
Compression set, %
Tensile Strength, psi86.5167273
Strength @ 100% psi3.059.0614.6
Strength @ 200% psi7.3315.824.2
Strength @ 300% psi14.222.735.5
Tensile Elongation, %865763706
Tear Strength, ppi8.8717.321.4
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