Urethane Sheeting

Water Clear Urethanes and Color Stable Urethanes

PSI Urethanes uses an extensive variety of urethane prepolymers and curatives to formulate the best urethane for our customers’ products. This variety gives us the ability to tailor the urethane to the customer’s individual needs, thus offering the best physical properties to yield long product life. However, sometimes there are special requirements that are as important as physical properties. This can be the case with water clear urethanes as sometimes transparency and/or color stability when exposed to UV light are the most important property.

Advantages to Using Water Clear Urethane

PSI’s water clear urethanes exhibit the same tough physical properties and chemical resistance as other urethane formulations with the added advantage of being as clear as glass. Another advantage to this material is color stability. Regular urethane formulations turn yellowish brown when exposed to sunlight, but that is not the case with PSI’s water clear formulations. If desired, water clear urethanes can be tinted or pigmented, and because the urethane remains clear there is no color distortion when used in outdoor applications.

Common Applications for Water Clear Urethane

Although the most common use of PSI’s water clear urethane is industrial windows and gaskets made from sheet material, water clear products can be produced in many shapes, sizes and levels of hardness. The following are some examples of where water clear urethanes have been used successfully.

  • Windows used to check the level of harsh chemicals
  • Thumb print security access identifiers
  • Windows used in abrasive applications to assure the abrasive media is flowing
  • Safety colored protective caps used in outdoor applications
  • Windows that allow laser beam measurement within a closed system
  • Protective coverings for sandblasting cabinet windows

When Clarity Counts, Use Transparent Chemical-Resistant Urethane

Although water clear urethanes cost a little more, they can be well worth it. When clarity counts, use PSI’s water clear urethane and when color stability counts, use PSI’s water clear urethane (pigmented or tinted).

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