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Drain Protector Storage & Maintenance

Tips for Storing & Maintaining Your Urethane Drain Protectors

Your urethane drain protectors need to stay in ready-to-go condition. No matter how hard you work to prevent hazardous spills, accidents happen! If your drain protectors are compromised in any way, an everyday spill could turn into a costly and dangerous event. Help make sure that a hazardous chemical spill doesn’t turn into a deadly one by keeping your spill containment solution in its best condition. Keep reading for quick tips on storing and caring for your urethane drain protectors, one of the most effective spill control seals available.

Tips for Storing Urethane Drain Protectors

Properly storing your drain protectors will help make sure they can be used multiple times and for many years.

  • Keep the protective plastic. When you first receive your urethane drain protectors from PSI, they’ll arrive in a box and be wrapped in protective plastic. Drain Protector II’s will arrive rolled over a tube for easy storage. Keep this protective plastic and if space allows, the original box too! Do not store your drain protectors without the protective plastic film.
  • Think cool and dry. Do not store your drain protectors in high humidity or in a place that receives direct sunlight. Drain protectors can actually melt if exposed to too much humidity. Pick a storage space where temperatures do not exceed 120°F.
  • Check and inspect monthly. Regularly inspect your urethane drain protectors to make sure they are usable and their storage conditions haven’t changed.

Tips for Using Urethane Drain Protectors

When a spill occurs, things can get chaotic—quickly. If you’ve taken the right precautionary measures it can be easier to respond in a calm, successful manner. Familiarize yourself and staff with the following best practices to make sure that your drain protectors are used properly during and after a spill.

  • Check chemical compatibility. Do not use a urethane drain protector with an incompatible chemical. It will not prove to be an effective seal. Review our chemical compatibility guide or give us a call before placing your order.
  • Clear the area of debris. Make sure the spill area is as debris-free as possible before putting down the drain protector. This will help ensure a liquid tight seal.
  • Position it properly. Center the drain protector over the drain, grate, or manhole you are sealing. Avoid leaving it in place for extended periods of time. Ideally, no more than about 8 hours. The urethane can become difficult to remove and be damaged in the removal process if left in place too long. A drain protector is a temporary fix, not a permanent solution.
  • Step on it, carefully. You may step on the drain protector for a faster seal, but not if the spill has already reached the drain. Do not drive over the drain protector, as this could damage it and render it ineffective.
  • Wash and dry after every use. This is one of our most important tips! Always clean your drain protector before putting it back in its plastic and box. Storing the drain protector without properly cleaning it can severely shorten its lifespan, and in some cases, destroy it completely. After use, wash the drain protector with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent or petroleum solvent cleaner. Dry with a cloth before placing the plastic film back over it.

We Do Things Differently At PSI

PSI Urethanes is the original manufacturer of Drain Protectors. In fact, we set the industry standard by producing them with high quality, chemical-resistant polyurethane. Apart from our standard off-the-shelf sizes, we also manufacture custom sizes to fit odd-shaped drains. Call 800-888-5156 today if you have any questions about chemical compatibility or ordering custom urethane drain protectors. We’re the world’s leading supplier of urethane products that are stronger, tougher, and more versatile than any conventional elastomer or plastic available today. At the end of the day, we’re problem solvers and experts in spill control. Request a quote online or call today!

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