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How does Urethane Compare to Other Elastomers?

Material selection is a key consideration when designing a new part or upgrading an existing design. Selecting the right material for a given application is crucial to a successful part design and performance in the field. A poor material selection can result in reliability or longevity issues or even have safety implications. For these reasons, [...]

Why Manufacturing Certifications and Compliance Matter

PSI Urethanes provides products to companies worldwide. For this reason, we must have a variety of compliance and certifications to suit various regulations and requirements across the globe. At PSI, our range of compliance and certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality and set us apart from other custom urethane suppliers. With 50+ years of experience [...]

Why Polyurethane is Superior to Metal, Plastic, and Rubber

Material selection is a key consideration when designing a part or upgrading an existing design - and there is no shortage of material options to choose from. Many industries prefer polyurethane as it offers many advantages over conventional materials like metal, plastic, and rubber. The following compares polyurethane to each of these conventional materials in [...]

Industries that Rely on Urethane Products

Polyurethane offers many unique advantages over conventional materials such as natural rubber, plastics, and metals – so it’s no surprise that many industries rely on urethane products for a variety of applications. Urethane products deliver excellent product longevity and versatility as well as superior heat, chemical, and impact resistance. Urethane is quickly becoming the preferred [...]

Urethane Bonding 101

At PSI Urethanes, we are known for our ability to deliver custom urethane products. One of our core competencies is urethane bonding, a process that bonds polyurethane to metal or various other substrates. Urethane bonding enables our customers to combine the benefits of multiple materials in order to meet the specific needs of a given [...]

3 Key Considerations for Custom Urethane Formulations

When designing a custom urethane product, there are countless formulation choices that will affect performance. Because of this, sorting through the choices to determine what is best for your  product can be a daunting task. To help, below are 3 key considerations that should be discussed with your urethane supplier as part of the process [...]

Benefits of Reshoring Manufacturing to the U.S.

In today’s competitive environment, OEMs are looking fo­­­­r opportunities to strengthen their supply chain while maintaining excellent product quality. To achieve this, many companies are relocating manufacturing closer to home – a process known as reshoring. Over the past several decades, many North American OEMs transitioned manufacturing offshore, typically to locations in Asia such as [...]

How to Choose the Right Custom Urethane Partner

There are many factors to consider when choosing a custom urethane supplier and it is imperative that OEMs do their research to identify the right one. Price is, of course, a huge consideration, but there are many additional factors that must be considered when selecting a partner. Since there are many options to choose from, [...]

Are You Maximizing Runtime with a Polyurethane Liner?

Every industry strives to minimize equipment outages in order to maximize runtime. This approach results in the most efficient and cost-effective operations. One of the challenges to maximizing runtime in the transport sector is wear issues. Equipment wear and tear is often caused by repeated exposure to abrasive or corrosive materials as well as damage [...]

5 Tips for Inventors and Engineers Working with Urethane Manufacturers on Custom Urethane Products

When creating a custom urethane product, there are countless formulation choices that will affect performance and longevity. Sorting through the options to determine what is best for your product can be a daunting task. Below are 5 tips for inventors and engineers working with urethane manufacturers on custom urethane products. Clearly Define the Product Application: [...]

Polyurethane Specifications, Applications, and Chemical Urethane Compatibility

In today’s competitive environment, companies are trying to stretch their dollars and make them count. If you purchase a material that does not hold up to various operating conditions, your downtime can cost man-hours and production loss. These issues could have been prevented by choosing a superior product. Custom urethane products deliver important advantages over [...]

PU Formulation Tips: Selecting the Right Polyurethane Shore for Custom Urethane

Some products require a custom urethane formulation in order to achieve the desired properties and requisite specifications. When creating a custom part, there are countless polyurethane formulation choices that will affect performance. Sorting through the options to determine what is best for your product can be challenging. For this reason, it is helpful to work [...]

Food Safe Polyurethane Products: Working with Custom Urethane Suppliers on Approved FDA Polyurethane Solutions

Many industries are turning to custom urethane suppliers for polyurethane parts and products. One of the industries that relies heavily on polyurethane is food and beverage processing. This sector utilizes a broad spectrum of custom polyurethane parts in manufacturing, packaging, and transporting. Polyurethane products manufactured for the food processing industry include FDA approved rings, gaskets, [...]

Applications of Polyurethane Material: Is Polyurethane a Thermoset or Thermoplastic?

When working with polyurethane materials and formulations, it is important to understand the difference between thermoplastic and thermoset. Both polymers are advantageous to OEMs and are used in a wide range of applications across a variety of fields; however, because of their unique properties, each is best suited for specific applications. In order to better [...]

Polyurethane Compression Calculation Methods for Tool Development and PU Formulation

Polyurethane is a non-compressible elastomer, meaning its volume will not change. Polyurethane formulations are able to store up and return energy; for example, if you squeeze a urethane product in one place, it will bulge the same amount in another place, and then return to its original shape once the load is removed. This property [...]

3 Costly Design Mistakes in Urethane Springs

Springs are simply devices that absorb energy when compressed and release energy during expansion. As basic as springs are, their component function in machinery and equipment are essential to manufacturing. Springs come in a variety of types and can serve a variety of purposes. Steel alloys are the most commonly used spring material, but steel [...]

3 Benefits of Cast Urethane in Food Production

Many industries are turning to urethane parts and products for a variety of applications. Cast urethane offer many benefits over conventional materials such as elastomers and plastics including strength, toughness, durability, and versatility. One of the industries taking advantage of cast urethane is food processing. The food processing sector utilizes a broad spectrum of cast urethane [...]

Why Urethane is Best for Conveyor Rollers

Most manufacturing and packaging facilities across the globe rely on conveyor rollers to smoothly process and transport products. It is imperative that rollers are robust and able to endure the often harsh and unrelenting demands of manufacturing environments. Due to its many advantages, urethane has become the go-to material and is the best for conveyor [...]

Spill Control Solutions for Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are utilized across a wide spectrum of industries and are present in many workplaces. These chemicals come in various forms and can be combustibles, explosives, flammables, corrosives, solvents, or oils. If not properly contained, hazardous materials present risks to personnel, facilities, and the environment as well as operations productivity. Fortunately, these risks can [...]

Plastic vs Urethane Sheets for Cutting Surfaces

Whether it be a manufacturing work bench or a table top for food processing, many industries utilize cutting surfaces. Companies have a range of material options for cutting surfaces including rubber, plastic, glass, metal, and urethane. Selecting the right cutting surface for your application is crucial – if you choose a material that does not [...]

Are You Choosing the Right Drain Covers for Your Industry?

Hazardous chemicals are utilized across a wide spectrum of industries and are present in many workplaces. These chemicals come in various forms and can be combustibles, explosives, flammables, corrosives, solvents, or oils. Industries that typically deal with such materials include hospitals, airlines, government sectors, oil and gas industries, chemical processing and manufacturing facilities, consumer product [...]

How to Reduce Equipment Downtime with Polyurethane Bushings

Bushings act as a protective interface between two parts and dampen the energy transmitted between the two, as the energy is redirected through the bushing. There are a variety of industries that employ polyurethane bushings such as transportation and manufacturing. An everyday example is the suspension system within a truck. The bushing resides between two [...]

Best Uses of Urethane for the Maritime Industry

The applications for urethane products have grown significantly over the years and urethane can be found in many different sectors including the maritime industry. Marine environments are harsh and materials used in these maritime applications are vulnerable to chemical, physical, and biological deterioration. These factors make material selection a critical decision that directly correlates to [...]

Smart Ways to Lower Tooling Costs with Urethane Products

Tooling is an integral element of the production process and is often one of the most expensive aspects of manufacturing. High quality tooling is essential, otherwise, companies run the risk of manufacturing lower quality final parts that are unable to meet specifications – resulting in higher production costs and longer lead times. Fortunately, there is [...]

5 Industries that Benefit from Urethane Sheeting

Many industries are turning to urethane parts and products for a variety of applications. Polyurethane offers many unique advantages over conventional materials such as natural rubber, plastics, and metals. Urethane products deliver excellent product longevity and versatility as well as superior heat, chemical, and impact resistance. Urethane is quickly becoming the preferred material for parts [...]

Which Durometer Should I Use For My Application?

Durometer Range Suggestions And Physical Considerations There are times when researching for a project, you need some qualifying information to get you started.  Below, we have included a chart with suggested durometer ranges for various applications.  In conjunction with that, we have listed physical properties that you should consider for each use.. Index of Physical [...]

Applications – Primary And Secondary Reasons For Use

Primary Use  Secondary Use ApplicationsAbrasion ResistanceTear ResistanceTensile StrengthShock Absorption Flex Fatigue ResistanceLoad Bearing (Comp. Strength)Oil & Gasoline ResistanceLow Permanent SetLow Temperature FlexibilityResilience With High HardnessHigh Coefficient of Friction Bonds To MetalGalvanic Corrosion Resistance Belts: DriveBelts: ConveyorBumpersBushings: Shaft,Ball SocketCaster WheelsClutch FacingsCouplingsDiaphragmsDust BootsFriction Drive WheelsGasketsGearsGuide RollersHydroforming PadsLinings and SheathsMounts: Vibration IsolationMounts: Primarily SupportPackingsPump ImpellersRollers: PrintingRollers: Conveying Rollers: [...]

When Lead Time Is What Matters Most

Alternatives to Molding Thermoset Polyurethane Sometimes you just need parts quickly and do not have time to wait on molds and parts to be manufactured.  Below, PSI Urethanes offers some suggestions to get a faster turn around, when your parts can be manufactured from a range of our standard rods, tubes, standard and custom cast [...]

Polyurethane VS Rubber Rollers

When it comes to choosing the right material for your industrial roller applications, you may have a lot of questions.  If your existing equipment came with rubber rollers , should you go with rubber again?  Let’s take a look at polyurethane and rubber and see how they perform. Do these materials have commonalities? Both are […]

Vibration Dampening and Shock Absorption with Shore OO

When it comes to Shock absorbing and Vibration dampening, PSI Urethanes has a wide range of durometers that can be utilized for both applications.  Our  shore “OO” material is excellent for both applications, as this video demonstrates. By definition, a shock absorber is any device used for absorbing sudden impulses or shocks in machinery or […]

Machining Cast Urethane

Whether you are in the early stages of prototyping or want to save on tooling costs, machining parts out of urethane may be your cost-effective solution.  Below are some tips to assist you with the process. Many machining operations such as turning, facing, milling, fly-cutting, and grinding can be performed as secondary operations.  However, machining [...]

Stress/Strain – The Cause of Hysteresis

You might remember your high school physics teacher saying "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." That’s a good way to think about stress/strain. Stress is a measure of the internal reaction force. Strain is the measure of deformation.  These terms are used to define the intensity of internal reactive forces in a [...]

Urethane Rings vs Rubber Rings

So many industries turn to PSI Urethanes for urethane rings. Bottling companies use PSI’s urethane rings as torque wheels; companies with conveyor belt systems use them as bumpers; and still other production facilities will slip urethane rings on a shaft and use them as an idler roller. As versatile as urethane rings are, there’s an […]

Why Urethane is Best for Industrial Applications

When compared to rubber, metal, and plastic, urethanes versatility is undeniable, which makes it the preferred material for many industrial applications.  See how urethane stacks up against its top competitors in the context of everyday industrial applications.  Make sure you're using the best material for your needs, your budget, and the safety of your employees! [...]

Which Type of Urethane Sheet Do I Need For My Application?

When it comes to shopping for the best urethane sheeting for your application, you can’t go wrong with sheeting from PSI Urethanes. One type of sheeting, however, may best serve the unique purposes of your application, better than others.  Whether you need the right sheeting for chutes, gaskets, cut shapes, linings, covers, sorting/conveyor parts, or […]

Tips for Preventing Hazardous Chemical Spills

Maintaining a safe workplace is essential for companies that work with hazardous materials, not only to meet OSHA and EPA requirements, but also for the well-being of employees. Whether handling, transporting, or storing hazardous chemicals, it’s important to take steps to prevent hazardous chemical spills, as well as prepare for them. Accidents happen, but a […]

Advantages to Choosing Urethane Gaskets Over Rubber Gaskets

Urethane is the toughest of all elastomeric materials and is the preferred material for gaskets due to its ultra-high strength and durability under pressure. Learn more about the distinct advantages urethane offers over rubber for gasket applications, plus how PSI Urethanes can support your gasket needs with precision cast urethane sheeting for gaskets. What’s A Gasket? […]

Durometer vs Design: Two Key Variables for Longer Performing Capper Rings

When it comes to capper ring applications, all operations are set up differently and have specific requirements that come into play. We frequently hear the question, “How can I get the best longevity from our capper rings?” To answer this, it all comes down to your application and the formula. There are different variables that […]

PSI Urethanes Spill Control Products: Dependable and Reliable

PSI Urethanes has been the industry leader providing dependable safety seals in drain covers, barrel patches and conical plugs for over 25 years. PSI regards compliance with OSHA regulations and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as vital. That’s why we manufacture spill control products that are trusted on job sites at thousands of companies around […]

Custom Cast Urethane Rollers: Time to Re-cover Used Rollers?

There are several reasons that urethane rollers are the go-to choice for many industries including food processing, steel, marine, and packaging, to name a few. Wearability is the main concern for our customers, as some are looking to recover or replace what they are currently using due to wear and tear. Urethane has the ability […]

Precision and Standard Cast Sheeting: What is Best for Your Needs?

When deciding whether precision or standard cast sheeting would work best for you, there are a few things to consider. The differences may include the thickness and/or the durometer and deciding whether or not you need to apply adhesive. Below are some initial questions and answers to help you choose the right material. 1. What is […]

FDA Compliant Material In The Food Industry

There are many areas in the food industry that require FDA compliant material.  Urethanes that are used as the surface layer and guides on conveyors, tubing for conveying certain liquids, table tops, and capper rings for the bottling industry, are just some examples that are required to be FDA Compliant. There are two different types [...]

Custom Urethane Products: Ideal Solutions for a Variety of Applications Part 2

Custom urethane products are an ideal solution for a variety of applications. In part one of this blog post series we covered two situations where urethane performs better than other materials. In part two of this series we take a look at several other applications for custom urethane products.

Custom Urethane Products: Ideal Solutions for a Variety of Applications Part 1

Custom urethane products are an ideal solution for a variety of applications. In this blog post series we will cover several of these situations along with examples of how companies have turned to custom urethane parts and products for their applications.

Choosing a Custom Urethane Provider: Key Points to Consider

Custom urethane has become the preferred solution for a variety of parts and products because of its versatility and durability, especially when compared to other options such as rubber or plastics. When you switch to custom urethane products, custom sizes, shapes and thickness levels can be requested to fit your specific requirements. In choosing a […]

From Order to Delivery: The Custom Urethane Provider Capabilities Checklist – Part Two

Part one of this blog series covered specific qualifications to look for related to a custom urethane provider’s quality of product. Part two covers the rest of the process: fulfillment and customer service. While it is important to ensure that your custom urethane product has the correct specifications for your needs, it is equally important […]

From Order to Delivery: The Custom Urethane Provider Capabilities Checklist – Part One

Compared to plastics and rubber, manufacturing your parts with urethane materials offer you: More versatility, strength, and durability Longer lifespan More customization As a result, urethane parts are often a much better value. Urethane parts can be formulated and molded to a project’s exact specifications and produced with consistent quality. In order to get the […]

Urethane Rings: Applications, Benefits, and Choosing a Manufacturer

Urethane rings have several important applications and benefits due to their tough premium grade urethane, which ensures they will hold up in a wide range of applications. Urethane rings can reduce equipment downtime and provide material cost savings.

Understanding Urethane Tubes: Benefits, Applications, and Choosing a Manufacturer

Many organizations rely on urethane tubes for a variety of applications. Urethane tubes result in a stronger, more durable, and more versatile product. They are commonly viewed as a better value, because tubes made with other materials often crack, tear, and swell.

Urethane Rods: Benefits, Applications and Choosing a Manufacturer

Urethane rods have several important applications and benefits due to their elastomeric properties. They are more crack-resistant, abrasion-resistant, durable, and have long-lasting characteristics. Rods made out of polyurethane last significantly longer than those made from conventional plastics and rubbers.

The Wide World of Urethane

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile materials for making parts and products. It is available in a variety of sizes, durometers, formulations, tolerances and colors for use in a wide range of applications. In addition to the unmatched versatility, polyurethane is also one of the strongest, toughest and most durable materials. In fact, urethane […]

Five Qualifications to Look for When Selecting a Custom Urethane Manufacturer

The lifespan and performance of your custom molded urethane parts heavily depends on many factors, including design, quality, formulation and tolerances. If these factors are lacking, your product performance will as well. To get the highest quality custom urethane products with the best overall performance, there are five key qualifications to look for when selecting […]

From Quote to Delivery: The Custom Urethane Order Process

When ordering a custom urethane product from PSI Urethanes, our in-house urethane experts will work closely with you on the entire process, from quoting to production to fulfillment. Through each stage of the custom urethane quote process, we ensure that the correct custom urethane product is ordered and arrives when needed. Overview of the custom […]

Understanding Urethane Rollers: Benefits, Types and Applications

Many organizations rely on urethane rollers for a variety of applications. Rollers made of urethane are wear resistant and can carry higher loads than other materials with similar hardness. In this blog we will explore the wide range of urethane roller types, the industries that turn to urethane rollers for their needs and how to […]

Spotlight On Urethane Sheets: Benefits, Industry Use and Choosing a Manufacturer

Urethane sheets are used in a wide range of applications due to their variety in size, durometer (hardness) and thickness. Sheets made out of urethane combine the strength and toughness of metal with the flexibility of a rubber and, if needed, also have the ability to be as transparent as glass. The strength and durability […]

Custom Urethane Parts & Products: Unique Advantages for a Variety of Industries

Many industries are turning to urethane parts and products for a variety of applications. Polyurethane products deliver many unique advantages over conventional materials such as elastomers and plastics – they are stronger, tougher, more durable and versatile. This blog post will highlight how the extensive benefits of polyurethane products serve a variety of industries. 1. […]

Custom Urethane Parts and Products: What to Tell Your Supplier – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we covered two of the five critical areas that need to be discussed with your urethane supplier when ordering custom urethane products. In Part 2, we will cover three additional areas you should communicate to your supplier in order to achieve an optimal product or part design. 3. Product […]

Custom Urethane Parts and Products: What To Tell Your Supplier: Part 1

When ordering custom urethane products, it is important to communicate your specific needs with your supplier. Doing so will enable your supplier to formulate the ideal urethane part or product based on your specific needs for tolerance, durability and more, and do so cost-effectively. Critical Product Information for Optimum Design There are many questions your supplier will […]

Precision Cast Urethane Sheets: Top 3 Benefits for Seal and Gasket Cutting Material

Seal and gasket cutters need precision cast material because customers demand it.  Seals and gaskets fill the gap between two objects to prevent leakage and act as a vibration dampener while under compression. Seals and gaskets must not only ensure a tight seal, but also be durable enough to hold up in a wide range of [...]


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