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Fluid Cell Remold Urethane Parts

PSI Urethanes manufactures aerospace urethane parts including metal forming pads, Guerin box pads and recovers Verson Wheelon Press Fluid Cells for metal forming applications in the aerospace industry. As a leading manufacturer of cast urethane for metal forming press systems, we enable you to meet the complex shapes required by modern aircraft. Our durable urethane can withstand high forming pressures enabling you to produce more intricate shapes and maintain an unvarying level of productivity.

We also manufacture table top urethane pads for cutting applications. With more than 50 years of urethane experience, you can trust PSI to provide high quality precision aerospace urethane parts. We offer competitive pricing and accommodating lead times.

Fluid Forming Technologies, LLC is proud to represent PSI Urethanes, Inc., in supporting Verson Wheelon metal forming press systems worldwide. They have extensive history with setting up Fluid Cell systems and problem solving.  As your supplier of metal forming products, PSI proudly offers our clients:

  • Extended fluid cell and forming pad life
  • Improved forming definition
  • Local forming pressure intensification pads
  • Throw pads and filler blocks in any color and durometer
  • Prompt and accommodating lead times

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