Food Processing

Food Grade Urethane

Food Processing Urethane Products

PSI manufactures FDA approved urethane products for food processing applications. We manufacture urethane rings, gaskets, scrapers, chute liners, tabletops, and custom-molded, FDA-approved items for food processing applications to meet your specifications.

FDA Dry Food Approved Products

  • Available in 15-A through 95-A durometers
  • Colors: black, blue, dark blue, green, natural, peach, red, and white

PSI certifies that all components used to produce your product are listed under:

CFR 21-177.1680 “Indirect food additives – Repeated Dry Food contact: Polymers” for 55-A through 95-A durometers

CFR21-177.1680 & CFR21-175.105 for 15-A through 50-A durometers


FDA Wet Food Approved

  • Available in 40-A through 90-A durometers
  • Color: natural only

PSI certifies that all components used to produce your products are listed under:

CFR 21-177.2600 “Indirect food additives – Aqueous food – Articles intended for repeated use”


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