Applications for Urethane Safety Seals & Covers

A Variety of Seals for High-Stakes Spill Control

Introduction to Safety Seals

Urethane safety seals are highly sought after for spill control solutions in many industries, including oil and gas, hospitals, construction, agriculture, mining/quarrying, machinery, and even film production. PSI Urethanes is the original and leading industry provider  of drain protectors, barrel patches, and conical plugs, and manufactures spill control solutions with safety compliance and OSHA regulations on top-of-mind–always! Learn more about each type of urethane spill control solution below and why urethane is the ideal choice for safety and dependability.

Why Choose Urethane for Your Safety Seal Material

Urethane is the optimal material for spill control solutions, as it is environmentally safe,  more durable and versatile than any conventional elastomer or plastic available today. It is able to resist a wider range of chemicals and substances than most rubbers and plastics. Urethane’s elastic, tacky and non-porous nature make it suitable for both smooth and uneven surfaces.

All About Urethane Conical Plugs

Urethane conical plugs are uniquely crafted to prevent liquids or spills from entering circular drains. They are often used during preventative maintenance, or to quickly block a drain just before or after a spill has occurred. They range in size from 2″ in diameter to 6″ in diameter, and when the proper size plug is installed, it will fit its socket perfectly to form an air-tight seal. A conical safety plug is often used as an alternative to sealing a drain with cement.

All About Urethane Drain Protector Seals

Urethane drain seals are an essential part of any emergency response plan, spill kit, or stormwater management initiative. Also referred to as “drain blockers,” drain seals conform to seal off most drains and are often used at gas stations, in parking lots, or at car washes. When properly installed, the edges of the seal stick to the edges of the drain to prevent oil, water, hydrocarbon, grease, contaminates, and many chemicals from entering the drain.

Some drain seals, like the Drain Protector II™, are reversible and will create a tough, durable seal, regardless of which side faces up or down. Other seals, like the Original Drain Protector Safety Seal, must be applied with a specific side facing down.  Most drain seals can easily be cleaned with soap and water and stored for multiple uses.

All About Urethane Barrel Patch Safety Seals

Urethane barrel patch safety seals are a quick and easy solution for repairing leaking 55-gallon barrels. Many drums are used for shipment of dangerous goods, making quick leak repair of the utmost importance. Urethane barrel patches resist many oils, solvents, and chemicals.  Should a leak occur, simply place the patch over the leak and ratchet the buckle tightly around the barrel.

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