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Polyurethane Scrapers

Cast Polyurethane Scrapers

Custom Engineered Scraper Formulations

Most polyurethane scraper blades have a 60A to 90A shore hardness, but PSI Urethanes can engineer scrapers in a range of custom durometers to support your needs. Beyond hardness, PSI can also deliver urethane scrapers that have been customized to withstand unique applications, abrasive surfaces, and harsh chemicals. When you choose PSI, you can trust that you’ll get the most wear out of each product, since each urethane formula is specially made for its application environment.

Polyurethane Scraper Blades

Urethane generally outperforms rubber, plastic, or metal by a margin of 5 to 1 in severe abrasion and wear applications.


Available Custom Urethane Scraper Specs

Durometer Hardness

  • 20 Shore A to 90 Shore A
  • 50 Shore D to 70 Shore D

Here is a list of our standard durometer specifications and our technical brief, to assist you with choosing the correct material.

Durometer Reference Calculator
Durometer Chart
Select Durometer
Select Hardness
shoe icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Gel Shoe Insole

rubber band

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Rubber Band

eraser icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Pencil Eraser


For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Tire Tread

shopping cart icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Shopping Cart Wheel

hard hat icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Hard Hat

Application Specific Formulations

  • FDA Dry Food Approved 20A to 85A
  • Static Dissipative material is available in 40A to 85A (other durometers may be available upon request)
  • Dual Durometers
  • Graphite filled 

Custom Urethane Scraper Blade Applications

You’ll find urethane scrapers almost anywhere a solution needs to be spread, wiped, or scraped. From polyurethane squeegee blades for the floor care industry to plowing blades for snow plow trucks to urethane conveyor belt wipers, urethane scrapers and wipers are working hard!

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Call PSI Urethanes at (800) 888-5156 today or request a urethane quote online at any time. Our team is here to craft the best urethane solution for you!

Types of Urethane Scrapers

Conveyor Belt Wipers

Urethane conveyor belt wipers or scrapers are used to keep conveyor belts clean and clear of debris. They can help clear bulky debris like gravel or dirt, or be used to clean and squeegee moisture from belts. Urethane belt wipers last longer than metal, plastic, or steel wiper alternatives.

If needed, conveyor belt wipers can be made using an FDA-approved urethane.  

Conveyor belt wipers for pharmaceutical or food processing companies could require food-grade urethane due to the medications coming into contact with them. PSI has several FDA Approved Formulas for such companies to choose from. 

Squeegee/Wiper Blades

Urethane squeegee blades help remove or control the flow of liquid on a flat surface. They’re attached to a tool or core, then pressed into and against a surface to wipe fluid from it, similar to how windshield wipers press and move against your windshield to clear water off of the glass.

Urethane squeegee blades are often used in the cleaning industry on floors and windows, and in screen printing to force ink through a screen and onto the substrate. Many industries prefer urethane squeegee blades over neoprene and rubber blades due to their excellent wear life and exceptional performance in environments where oil or chemicals are present.

Snow Plow Blades

Urethane snow plow blades are specially formulated to withstand the demands of plowing, with exceptional abrasion resistance, low-temperature impact resistance, and a low brittle point. They need to be stiff, but also abrasion-resistant. Urethane snow plow blades are tough enough to do their job but gentle enough to avoid damaging road markings, reflectors, cobblestones, runway lights, and other ground elements.

Urethane snow plow blades are often preferred by hospitals and apartment complexes since this type of blade eliminates the ear-piercing sound of a plow scraping against cement. Urethane blades also don’t need to be replaced as often as rubber or plastic blades and can help reduce truck downtime. In the winter, that’s a win-win for both snow plow operators and residents!  

Industries Utilizing Urethane Scrapers

Many industries rely on urethane scrapers for their needs, including:

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