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Polyurethane Bumpers


Polyurethane bumpers are found in highly demanding applications all over the world and are ideal for applications that require outstanding shock absorption, rebound, and abrasion resistance. Urethane bumpers are known for outlasting the competition – yielding a cost-effective solution with an excellent Return on Investment. In fact, we often see double the life of a part made from urethane when compared to traditional materials like rubber. Urethane bumpers are used in a variety of applications, including automated manufacturing systems, distribution manufacturing, and agriculture industries far surpassing the performance of rubber and steel. 

Applications for Urethane Bumpers

Depending on the service, PSI manufactures custom urethane tubes, rods, and rings for a range of bumper applications as well as urethane sheeting for bumper pads. Polyurethane bumpers are customized according to your specific needs for hardness, chemical resistance, temperature and any environmental extremes encountered. Below are some of the applications that may see a polyurethane bumper.


  • Bump stop
  • Boat dock   bumpers
  • Bonded or reinforced bumpers
  • Loading dock
  • Bumper Pad
  • Threaded bumpers
  • Custom molded bumpers


What Are the Benefits of Urethane Bumpers?

Thermoset urethane bumpers are some of the most versatile and customizable in the market. They offer incredible physical properties and significant cost savings compared to the competition. Below are some of the benefits that come with thermoset urethane bumpers. The team at PSI are able to fully customize your urethane formulation to achieve the properties below, among others, in order to meet the challenges of your unique application.

  • Impact and Abrasion Resistance: urethane bumpers are not brittle and will maintain strength and impact resistance over a range of durometers. Due to its high tear strength and low coefficient of friction, polyurethane is able to resist tearing when exposed to sliding abrasion, and able to absorb the impact and distribute the strain caused by impingement abrasion – all without sacrificing performance or longevity.
  • Vibration Dampening: urethane helps prevent the transfer of noise, vibration, and movement between machine parts. Urethane bumpers effectively and safely disperse and absorb energy. When needed, energy dissipates outward, away from the source of the shock impact, so that the object or the object’s internal components are not damaged.
  • Sound Dampening: urethane bumpers are available in a range of hardness and can be formulated to deliver great shock absorption and noise reduction, resulting in a much quieter and safer operating environment – especially when compared to metal parts. With urethane parts, equipment and processes run smoother, longer, and quieter.
  • UV Resistance: urethane provides excellent resistance to the elements including UV rays and ozone. Urethanes do not oxidize even after long exposure to water and harsh conditions. Urethane parts are also able to tolerate a variety of operating conditions including wet environments due to humidity or rain.
  • High and Low Temperature Flexibility: polyurethane bumpers withstand changing weather conditions and remain flexible across a wide range of temperatures.  Urethane, unlike rubber, can be formulated to remain flexible in arctic-like conditions and to withstand fluctuations in temperature, from -90°F to 250°F.  PSI’s standard formulas will remain flexible at -40°F on the Bell Brittle Test.
  • High and Low Rebound Flexibility: a high level of rebound is often essential for bumpers and polyurethane can be formulated to handle heavy items without taking a set. At PSI, we have custom formulations for urethane bumpers in a variety of durometers ranging from “dead” for shock absorbing and “rebound” for repeated flexing.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: due to urethane’s superior impact resistance and better abrasion and tear resistance compared to rubbers, urethane bumpers outperform their counterparts. Urethane parts deliver lower maintenance expenses since they last longer and perform better throughout their lifetime.
  • Less Operational Downtime: limiting downtime due to routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs is essential for avoiding revenue losses. The qualities that set urethane apart from other materials, such as its high-load carrying capability, dielectric strength, and oil/solvent resistance, help manufacturers reduce equipment downtime and avoid cycle time limitations.

Call PSI for a Custom Quote

Polyurethanes offer a diverse range of physical properties, and the team at PSI knows that selecting the right material can sometimes be a challenge.  Our in-house engineering and technical assistance staff can help you create a custom urethane formulation that solves your specific problems. Our custom urethane solutions range from prototypes to high-volume production and can entail custom materials, a broad range of durometers, custom molds, and bonding and recovery as necessary.

Call one of our experienced urethane professionals at (800) 888-5156 for design assistance and to get help selecting the right bumper for your equipment and processes. You can also conveniently request a quote for any size project online, at any time.

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