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Precision Cast Urethane Sheets For Seal and Gasket Cutting Material

Urethane is the preferred material for parts that need to perform reliably and endure intense applications. This is particularly true of precision cast urethane sheets that are used for seal and gasket cutting material.

Properties of Urethane

With properties that make it the best material for a number of applications, the urethane used in precision cast urethane sheeting delivers strength and durability. How strong is urethane? Urethane is suitable for some of the most severe applications. Overall, urethane is tough and versatile, with properties that range from cut resistance to low compression set.

What Do Seal and Gasket Cutters Do?

Industries that use seal and gasket cutters have specific requirements for an effective material. Seals and gaskets are used to prevent leakage between two objects by filling the gap between them. Additionally, they act to dampen vibrations when under heavy compression. For these reasons, the material used for this seal needs to be both resilient and able to form a very tight seal.

Why Urethane Sheets Are Ideal For Seal and Gasket Cutting Material

Because seals and gaskets need to be strong and conjoin securely, precision cast urethane sheets make the optimum choice for these applications. Precision urethane sheets are able to hold close tolerances of ± .005 on material from .020 to .125 and ± .010 up to .375. The resulting seal creates stable parts with less torque, preventing movement under heavy vibration or intense pressure. Additionally, precision urethane sheets can be custom made so that they are ideal for specific uses in specific industries.

How to Customize Precision Cast Urethane Sheets

If your industry requires a specific variety of urethane sheeting, you can opt for precision cast urethane sheets that are customized to meet the needs of your application. When ordering your precision cast urethane sheeting, start by choosing from these specifications:

  • Size (38.5″ x 122.5″ full sheet), half sheet, or quarter sheet
  • Custom color
  • Custom durometer (hardness)
  • Seamed sheets (larger sizes)
  • FDA wet or dry food application requirements
  • No wax on one or both sides
  • Thickness tolerances (up to ±0.001″, with ±0.005″ being standard)

To view all of the custom urethane sheet options available from PSI, view our Precision Urethane Sheet Specs. To learn more,request a quote or call 800-888-5156.

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