Precision Cast Urethane Sheets: Top 3 Benefits for Seal and Gasket Cutting Material

urethane sheets

Seal and gasket cutters need precision cast material because customers demand it.  Seals and gaskets fill the gap between two objects to prevent leakage and act as a vibration dampener while under compression.

Seals and gaskets must not only ensure a tight seal, but also be durable enough to hold up in a wide range of applications. Below are the top benefits of using precision cast urethane sheets for seal and gasket cutting material:

Enable A Tight Seal

Precision cast urethane sheets hold close tolerances of ± .005 on material from .020 to .125 and ± .010 up to .375. This allows for a good seal with less torque and less movement of parts.

We produce urethane material from “OO” to “D” scale to provide you with the best hardness for your sealing applications.

Durable And Dependable

Perfect for even the most severe applications, precision cast urethane is one of the strongest, toughest and most durable materials. This means less down time for your machinery, which equates to lower man hours and higher production rates.

As opposed to precision cast urethane gaskets, rubber gaskets can degrade over time, can have compromised physical properties and may need more frequent replacement.

Custom fabrication is available

Precision cast urethane sheets can be developed to meet your project’s unique specifications, whether you’re dealing with harsh chemicals or an abrasive application.

To meet FDA requirements, we can provide formulas for Dry and Wet applications, and in a durometer range of 40A to 88A. In addition, if the sheet or gasket needs to have a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing, precision cast sheets can be manufactured without the use of any wax or mold release on one or both sides of the sheet.

As you can see, precision cast urethane sheets are the logical solution for seal and gasket cutting material. Learn more about precision cast urethane sheets here or request a quote today.