Custom Urethane Sheeting for Gaskets

The Ideal Choice for High-Stress, High-Load Applications

Many industries make use of gaskets within their engine technology and manufacturing processes, including the food processing, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and military sectors. Though simple in appearance, gaskets play an essential role in an innumerable number of applications.

Introduction to Gaskets

Gaskets create a pressure-tight seal between two or more stationary parts. This seal prevents gas, dirt, dust, or fluid from leaking and is flexible enough to fill any physical irregularities between the surfaces being sealed. A proper seal will prevent leakage during temperature and pressure changes, regardless of intensity. Some gaskets can even withstand electrical or electromagnetic forces. They can be designed in the form of a ring or sheet, and can be manufactured in numerous designs and from numerous materials, including metal, rubber, silicone, cork, foam, or a combination of materials. The material and design of the gasket will vary based on the application.

Benefits of Urethane Gaskets

Urethane is the toughest, most abrasion-resistant of all elastomeric materials. Urethane is a preferred material for gaskets due to its unwavering strength and durability. It can outperform plastic, rubber, and even steel when faced with environmental factors like oil, acid, and many chemicals. A poor quality or ill-fitting gasket, however, could cause chronic leaks or failures, resulting in a catastrophic impact on a product or process.

Urethane gaskets are well-known for their ability to conform to the shape of their application, withstand changing weather conditions, and remain flexible in some temperature changes. Urethane will remain flexible down to -90F and can withstand temperatures of up to 250F, though it may soften before that point and lose load-bearing capacity; urethane can withstand intermittently higher temperatures.

PSI’s Precision Cast Urethane Sheeting Process

PSI manufactures the highest-quality urethane sheeting from which gaskets can be cut. PSI’s precision urethane sheets are 38.5” x 122.5” and are available in any color and durometer (or hardness). Precision cast urethane sheets can hold close tolerances of ± .005 on material from .020 to .125 and ± .010 up to .375. They can be manufactured at PSI without the use of wax or a mold release and can be customized to meet the needs of nearly any application.

Customizing Your Urethane Sheeting

PSI excels in customization. To begin your order for precision cast urethane sheeting for gaskets, follow these steps:

  1. Select the size. A full sheet is 38.5” x 122.5”, but you can also select from a half sheet, quarter sheet, or a seamed sheet for larger initiatives.
  2. Select the color. Choose from standard colors of amber or black, or choose from PSI’s selection of custom colors.
  3. Select the durometer (or hardness). Urethane sheets are available in standard durometer ratings of 60A, 70A, 80A, or 90A, and are available as custom sheets from 20-A up to 70D.
  4. Identify FDA wet or dry food application requirements.
  5. Select wax options, or select no wax at all. You can choose from having wax on one or both sides. In the event that your gasket needs to have a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing, precision cast sheets can also be manufactured without the use of any wax or mold release.
  6. Select a thickness tolerance as close as to ±0.001″, with ±0.005″ being standard.

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