Urethane Sheeting

Polyurethane Sheet Stock

The New Standard in Tight Tolerances

PSI’s urethane sheet stock leads the industry in thickness tolerances. All of our urethane flat sheets 1/8″ or less meet a thickness tolerance of ±.005″. When requested, PSI offers tolerances as close as ±.001″

Urethane Sheet Stock Features

  • ✔ Our custom urethane full sheets are 38.5″ x 122.5″
  • ✔ Available in any color
  • ✔ Available in any hardness

Urethane Sheet Stock Availability

  • ✔ Half and quarter sized polyurethane sheets in standard durometers availability
  • ✔ Natural color availability
  • ✔ Custom sizes available using our seamed sheets for larger polyurethane sheet requirements

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