Urethane Sheeting

Precision Urethane Sheets & Sheeting

Precision Urethane Sheet Specs

Custom Urethane Full Sheets are 38.5″ x 122.5″ and are available in any color and durometer (hardness). We also offer half and quarter sized urethane sheets in a standard thickness, standard durometers and natural color.

  • Thickness tolerances as close as ±0.001″ (±0.005″ standard)
  • Standard durometer (hardness) 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A (custom 25 Shore OO to 70 Shore D)
  • Standard color: natural (Other colors are available in full sheets)
  • Custom thickness
  • Seamed sheets for larger sizes
  • No wax sheet
  • FDA approved formulas for wet and dry food applications

The New Standard in Tight Tolerances

In 1996, PSI dramatically improved the precision cast urethane sheet process, thereby establishing a new industry standard in thickness tolerances. Today all of our urethane sheets 1/8″ or less meet a thickness tolerance of ±.005″. When requested, PSI offers tolerances as close as ±.001″. PSI also offers custom thickness (.005″ to .400″), durometer (25 Shore OO to 70 Shore D), and our full-size polyurethane sheets are available in a variety of colors.

No Wax Sheets

Precision Urethane Sheeting can now be manufactured at PSI without the use of any wax or mold release. Rather than using a secondary operation to clean a sheet for bonding applications, these polyurethane sheets go through a special process that allows the sheet to stay wax free or mold release free throughout the entire sheet manufacturing process. We offer no wax on one side or both sides of sheet.


Sheet ThicknessFull Sheet
38.5″ x 122.5″
Half Sheet
38.5″ x 61.25″
Quarter Sheet
38.5″ x 30.625″
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