Urethane Sheeting

Precision Urethane Sheets & Sheeting

Precision Cast Sheeting

Urethane is the preferred material for parts that need to perform reliably and endure intense applications.  Overall, urethane is tough and versatile, with properties that deliver high cut resistance, low compression set, superior elongation and tensile strength.

What makes precision cast sheets suitable for various uses, is that it comes in various forms:

  • Thickness can be adjusted to meet your requirements from .005” to .400”.
  • Custom formulations to accentuate your particular physical property specifications.
  • Standard thickness tolerance of ±.005 can be manufactured as close as ± .001.
  • Custom and standard durometers can range from 25 Shore OO – 50 Shore OO, 20A to 95A, 50D – 70D.
  • Larger sized sheets can be custom manufactured and still maintain tight tolerances when seamed together.
  • Sheets can be produced without mold release on one side or both sides.  This is a necessity if you are adhering the material to a substrate or if you are applying a  PSA backing.
  • Large variety of color choices (natural, black, red, blue, royal blue, green, orange, yellow, peach, brown, gray and white).

The New Standard in Tight Tolerances

In 1996, PSI dramatically improved the precision cast urethane sheet process, thereby establishing a new industry standard in thickness tolerances. Today all of our urethane sheets 1/8″ or less meet a thickness tolerance of ±.005″. When requested, PSI offers tolerances as close as ±.001″. PSI also offers custom thickness (.005″ to .400″), durometer (25 Shore OO to 70 Shore D), and our full-size polyurethane sheets are available in a variety of colors.

Required Durometer

Precision cast sheets are available in 20 Shore A to 50 Shore D durometer for any thickness between .010″ to .375″ thick. In 60 Shore D to 70 Shore D, available in any thickness between .010″ to .125″ thick. If your application requires 25, 40, or 50 Shore OO, we can manufacture thicknesses of .063” to .250”.

Precision Urethane Sheeting Applications

  • Cutting surface
  • Protective curtains
  • Gaskets
  • Windows
  • Chute liners
  • Conveyor skirting
  • Flapper doors
Sheet ThicknessFull Sheet
38.5″ x 122.5″
Half Sheet
38.5″ x 61.25″
Quarter Sheet
38.5″ x 30.625″

Benefits of Urethane Sheeting

Many industries prefer urethane cutting surfaces over plastic, glass, or metal. Here is an example of the benefits of using urethane sheets versus plastic:

  • Self-Healing: Urethane sheeting prevents cutting blade deflection from scarring working surfaces.  It also helps prevent a work surface from flaking or chipping.
  • Food Safe: FDA approved sheeting for both wet or dry food applications (ideal for industrial kitchens, meat packing facilities and various types of food packaging facilities).
  • Abrasion and Tear Resistant: Urethane has greater abrasion and tear strength than plastic.
  • Customizable: Urethane can be manufactured in a variety of thickness tolerances, durometers, and formulations.
  • Memory: Urethane can be stretched and will return to its original state, where plastic can be stretched past the point of being able to return.
  • Non-brittle:  Unlike Plastic, urethane is an elastomer and it will not crack under impact.

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