Which Type of Urethane Sheet Do I Need For My Application?

Urethane Sheeting

When it comes to shopping for the best urethane sheeting for your application, you can’t go wrong with sheeting from PSI Urethanes. One type of sheeting, however, may best serve the unique purposes of your application, better than others.  Whether you need the right sheeting for chutes, gaskets, cut shapes, linings, covers, sorting/conveyor parts, or another application entirely, read on to learn more about our precision and standard cast urethane sheeting. For more help, call (800) 888-5156 to speak with an experienced urethane professional.

Precision Urethane Sheeting

Like PSI’s many other urethane products, precision urethane sheeting can be customized to fit the needs of your project. PSI’s precision urethane sheeting may be right for your application if it requires…

  • A tight thickness tolerance. PSI dramatically improved the precision cast urethane sheet process in 1996, establishing a new industry standard in thickness tolerances. Today, PSI’s urethane sheets of ⅛” or less meet a thickness tolerance of ±0.005, over the entire surface of the sheet, which is 38.5” x 122.5”. We can also offer precision sheeting thickness tolerances as close as ±0.001″  in sizes no smaller than square foot pieces.  Our typical precision sheet thickness ranges are .020” to .375”, however custom thickness can be produced as thin as 0.005”.
  • Wax-free. PSI’s precision urethane sheeting can be manufactured through a special process that allows the sheet to be produced with no mold release/wax, on one or both sides.  This is especially helpful if you are adhering it to another material or applying a pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Color and durometer. Full sheets (38.5″ x 122.5″) are available in many colors and durometers. Half and quarter-sized sheets are available in our standard thicknesses, durometers, and natural color.
  • Quality.  A smooth uniform surface.

Standard Urethane Sheeting

Both precision and standard urethane sheeting can be seamed for the needs of larger applications, and can be manufactured in  FDA approved formulas for wet and dry food applications. One of the key differences between the two is the thickness tolerance. Standard sheeting has a thickness tolerance starting at ±0.030″, and will vary depending on thickness and size.  Standard urethane sheeting may be best for your application if it requires…

  • Greater sheet thickness. Standard cast sheeting thickness starts at .125″, and can be manufactured to your specific thickness requirements, including odd or metric sizes.
  • Faster delivery. We keep some stock of standard cast urethane sheets for faster delivery.
  • No wax one side.  If you need to apply PSA adhesive or bond to a substrate,  we can make one side mold release/wax free, so it holds up to the demands of your application.

Water Clear/Transparent Urethane Sheeting

Water clear urethane sheeting is practically in a class of its own! This transparent, hydrolytically stable urethane can be manufactured from industrial grade clarity, to  varying degrees of optical clarity.  It is strong enough to withstand continued exposure to outdoor elements, yet still sensitive enough for use in high-tech applications.  Transparent urethane sheeting may be the best sheeting for your needs if your project requires…

  • A view. You can look through a clear urethane sheet as easily as you can look through a window! If you’re dealing with an application in which you need to be able to see in or out of an area, such as a sandblasting application, clear sheeting is likely the best choice.
  • Consistent clarity/color in outdoor environments. Water clear urethane sheets keep their clarity in outdoor environments, if tinted or pigmented.  However, even though the urethane will not change color, it does not protect the pigment from fading in outdoor applications.
  • Wax Free. Water clear sheets are always produced without mold release/wax, to assist in optical quality and/or adhering requirements.
  • High Tech Application. This type of sheeting can be used in machinery as a mechanical window,  allowing laser beams to measure a process through it.

Call PSI Urethanes for the Best Urethane Sheeting

Industries such as agriculture, aerospace, and automotive already rely on urethane sheets to make their operations run smoother, longer. You can rely on PSI’s tough urethane sheeting to take care of tough jobs in almost any industry. Call (800) 888-5156 to learn more about PSI Urethanes’ custom urethane sheets and request a quote for your project today!