Spotlight On Urethane Sheets: Benefits, Industry Use and Choosing a Manufacturer

urethane sheets

Urethane sheets are used in a wide range of applications due to their variety in size, durometer (hardness) and thickness. Sheets made out of urethane combine the strength and toughness of metal with the flexibility of a rubber and, if needed, also have the ability to be as transparent as glass. The strength and durability of urethane sheets allow them to be used in even the most severe applications and outlast other materials on the market.

Industries that Use Urethane Sheets

An array of custom formulations enable urethane sheets to be manufactured for a wide range of industries. Industries such as agriculture, aerospace and automotive benefit from the use of urethane sheets.

Selecting a Urethane Sheet Manufacturer

Understanding the extensive range of properties and advantages associated with urethane sheets is important to ensure you get the right product for your application. Below are a few qualifications to keep in mind when selecting a urethane sheet manufacturer:

  • Review their list of sheeting services. Does the manufacturer offer custom, standard and water clear sheets? A variety of sheeting types and sizes means more versatility for you and the ability to choose the best product for your needs.
  • Understand the manufacturing process and if the manufacturer offers no-wax urethane sheets. No-wax sheets go through a special process that allow the sheets to stay free of wax and mold to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product.
  • Look at their sheeting specs. Do they have tight standard tolerances and can they handle unique requirements? Knowing the manufacturers thickness and durometer specifications will give you a sense of their machineability.

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