Urethane Rings: Applications, Benefits, and Choosing a Manufacturer

Urethane Rings

Urethane rings have several important applications and benefits due to their tough premium grade urethane, which ensures they will hold up in a wide range of applications. Urethane rings can reduce equipment downtime and provide material cost savings.

Common applications include:

Consider the following when selecting a urethane ring manufacturer:

  • Review their list of ring specifications. This includes their availability in custom sizes, formulas, colors and durometers.
  • Understand their manufacturing process. Will they meet your specific needs by creating specialty or custom products?
  • Check to see if they have tight standard tolerances that can handle unique requirements. Ask if they can handle extreme environments and high forming pressures as this may be important for your particular usage needs.

PSI offers custom sizes, formulas, colors, and durometers (hardness), as well as tight tolerances, ground finishes, and dual durometer rings. PSI will help you develop prototypes and will deliver full production quantities when needed. Our custom rings have little or no tooling cost, and we can custom formulate products to meet your specific needs, including FDA wet or dry requirements.

In stock urethane capper rings are available with the following specifications:

  • 2.0″ I.D./ 4.0″ O.D.
  • Thickness or Face: 1/2″
  • 60 Shore A Durometer: Peach or Natural

With a long history of outstanding quality, superior product performance and excellent customer service, PSI Urethanes is a trusted provider of custom urethane rings. Learn more about our urethane rings or contact us today.