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Metal Forming

Polyurethane Metal Forming

PSI Urethanes is a leading manufacturer of cast urethane for metal forming press systems. Urethane is the chosen material due to its many benefits for metal forming applications:

  • Scuff Resistance
  • Secures the blank from slipping
  • Improved forming definition
  • Custom formulations

Urethane and High Forming Pressures

Many metal workers who have tried metal forming pads made with rubber have been disappointed because they cannot stand up to pressure the way urethane pads can. Urethane is very durable and can withstand high forming pressures to produce more intricate shapes and maintain an unvarying level of productivity.

In addition, the even pressure applied by urethane forming pads prevents thin metal from crimping. On thicker metal, the toughness of polyurethane makes it more durable than other materials. The ability of urethane to stretch is what makes it the choice for deep-draw metal forming.

Urethane Metal Forming Pads

For metalworking processes, sheet metal is pressed between a die and a forming pad, which is connected to a hydraulic press. A rigid lower die, often called a form block, provides the mold for forming the sheet metal. Under pressure, the forming pad molds the sheet metal into the shape of the die thus forming the part.

Thermoset urethane is an excellent option for forming pads used in hydraulic forming presses. Urethane has a better reputation than rubber when working with metal, regardless of thickness. It has elastomeric properties that exert pressure more evenly across the sheet metal being formed. Urethane’s shape-memory enables it to return to its original shape after forming, allowing for greater production and a part with higher definition.

Urethane can also be custom formulated for specific properties such as rebound and resistance to compression set which increases the life of the product. In addition, because the urethane forming pad can be used with separate lower dies, the process is relatively inexpensive and flexible.

Leaders in the Industry

As you can see, premium-grade urethane sheeting or metal forming pads provide many benefits in metal forming applications including:

  • Extended fluid cell and forming pad life
  • Improved forming definition
  • Local forming pressure intensification

As the leading manufacturer of cast urethane for metal forming press systems, PSI has a flawless history of mechanical integrity. Our urethane metal forming pads and urethane filler blocks can be created in any color or durometer (hardness) for your specific needs.

Urethane metal forming products and pads are used in a wide range of industries, including: Aerospace, Aviation, General metal forming, Automotive industries, Hydraulic presses, Fluid cell forming presses. To improve the stamina & durability of your metal forming machinery, contact PSI Urethanes today.

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