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Standard Urethane Sheeting

Standard Urethane Sheeting

Urethane is the preferred material for parts that need to perform reliably and endure intense applications. This is particularly true of standard cast urethane sheets that are used for forming pads, chute liners, and media blast material.

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Stock Polyurethane Sheeting

PSI Urethanes offers stock urethane sheets for the purpose of giving you a cost-saving avenue when tight thickness tolerances are not critical. Stock urethane sheets are available in multiple durometers and thicknesses. 

Standard Urethane Sheet Specs

Standard Urethane Sheet Durometer

  • 60A
  • 70A
  • 80A
  • 90A

Custom durometers available in 25 Shore OO to 70 Shore D.

Here is a list of our standard durometer specifications and our technical brief, to assist you with choosing the correct material.

Durometer Reference Calculator
Durometer Chart
Select Durometer
Select Hardness
shoe icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Gel Shoe Insole

rubber band

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Rubber Band

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For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Pencil Eraser


For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Tire Tread

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For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Shopping Cart Wheel

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For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Hard Hat

Custom Formulations

  • FDA Dry Food Approved - available in 20A to 85A
  • Anti-Static 40A to 85A (other durometers may be available upon request)
  • Dual durometers available for custom applications

Thickness Tolerance

± 0.030″ to ± 0.045 for standard sizes

* For the fastest delivery time, choose PSI’s large stock of standard cast urethane sheeting with a thickness tolerance of ± 0.030” or ± 0.045”.

Standard Colors

  • Natural
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Dark blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow,
  • Peach
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
  • Custom colors available upon request

Custom Sizes

Up to 18″ in thickness, 55″ width, and 138″ length. Seamed urethane sheets available for larger sizes.

Thickness, Durometer, and Custom Formulations to Meet Every Need

PSI’s standard polyurethane sheeting meet the highest industry specifications for thickness and durometer, making them perfect for even the most severe applications. We keep stock of standard cast urethane sheets, so you can receive fast delivery. Standard cast urethane sheets can be produced in custom sizes to eliminate waste from drop-offs. For large sheet applications, we provide custom seamed sheets.

Urethane Sheet Thickness48″ x 48″24″ x 48″24″ x 24″12″ x 24″12″ x 12″

Standard Urethane Sheets & Sheeting Formulations

PSI can provide formulations for:

  • FDA Wet and Dry food approved criteria
  • Graphite impregnated to assist with abrasion resistance and lower friction
  • UL94V-0 Rated for flame specifications
  • UV resistant colors
  • We stock a variety of MDI, TDI, and Aliphatic prepolymers, in both Polyesters and Polyethers. These can be combined with a wide assortment of curatives and additives we stock in house. If your specifications require a material we do not stock, we are happy to special order it.
  • Anti-Static available in 40A to 85A durometer(hardness) - other durometers may be available upon request.

Benefits of Using Standard Urethane Sheets

Many industries prefer standard urethane over rubber. Here is an example of the benefits of using standard urethane sheets versus rubber and its variations.

  • Durometers
    Unlike rubber, we can manufacture from “OO” to “D” scale material to suit almost any application.
  • Sound and vibration dampening
    As urethane is an insulator, our standard or custom formulations can be geared toward your specific requirements for either application.
  • Self-sealing
    This makes urethane ideal for table tops and backing pads for dies.
  • Abrasion Resistant
    When severe abrasion is a factor, urethane has been known to outwear other materials by a factor of five-to-one to ten-to-one.
  • Resistant to Most Chemicals
    When it comes to chemicals and ozone, urethane surpasses rubber. Urethane will maintain excellent resistance to mineral-based oils, hydrocarbons, fats, greases, petroleum products, and specific solvents.
  • Customizable
    PSI carries a wide variety of resins, curatives, and additives. This allows us to alter formulas to be customer-specific.
  • Flexibility
    Urethane remains flexible at low temperatures, while rubber tends to harden. The technicians at PSI can even formulate urethane to remain flexible in Arctic-like conditions and temperatures as high as 250° Fahrenheit or to sustain sudden drops in temperature.
  • Shore OO pad strip

Cast Urethane Sheeting Industrial Applications

Die Cutting or Waterjet Cut Parts

PSI Urethanes standard urethane sheeting can be used to provide you with an economical way of making a wide array of products, without the need for tooling. Urethane sheeting is a great alternative for rings, gaskets, squeegees, vibration dampening pads, and many other applications.

Metal Forming Applications

Our durable urethane sheet and pad material can withstand high forming pressures to produce more intricate shapes and maintain an unvarying level of productivity.  We have the ability to custom formulate for specific properties, such as rebound, elongation and tear resistance, which increases the longevity of your pad. Our urethane sheeting will protect your finished product as it will not scratch or mar the surface.

Other Applications

  • Flapper doors
  • Chute liners
  • Press brake pads
  • Vibration isolation
  • Bumper pads
  • Belt scrapers
  • Conveyor line skirting

Industries we serve

Many industries rely on standard urethane sheets and sheeting for their needs, including:

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