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Fluid Cell Remold Urethane Parts

For industries that depend on highly complex parts to keep their equipment functioning, PSI Urethanes recovers all sizes of Verson Wheelon Press Fluid Cells for metal forming applications in the aerospace industry. As a leading manufacturer of cast urethane for hydroforming and metal forming press systems, our durable urethane can withstand high forming pressures, enabling you to produce more intricate shapes and maintain an unvarying level of productivity.

The process for fluid forming starts with tooling form blocks that are placed onto a loading tray and the sheet metal blanks are placed over the blocks. Throw pads are placed over the blanks to cushion any sharp edges. The entire tray then moves into the pressing chamber.


Pressure is applied through a direct acting, flexible, polyurethane fluid cell, which is an integral part of the press and confined in the roof of the cylindrical steel press housing. Hydraulic fluid is forced into the cell, causing it to inflate or expand. As the pressure builds up, the expansion creates a force required to flow the fluid cell downward over and around the metal blanks to be formed.

As the forming cycle progresses, the fluid cell follows the exact contour of the work pad, exerting even, positive pressure at all points of contact. As a result of the pad conformity to the tool or block, the sheet metal blank is literally wrapped to the exact shape desired.

Fluid Cell Covered Sizes
20″ x 50″36″ x 92″50″ x 120″
30″ x 96″36″ x 120″50″ x 140″
36″ x 140″50″ x 164″
50″ x 240″

To support your fluid cell forming, PSI Urethanes offers premium grade urethane for the following products:

  • Metal forming pads
  • Guerin box forming pads
  • Roll-up pads
  • Pressure intensification throw pads
  • Tray filler blocks and shoulders

The use of polyurethane overlays is a common practice to improve performance with part forming. The placement and geometric configuration of each overlay is in many cases an important consideration for reducing part wrinkling and tears. Urethane “throw pads” are also used to reduce wear on the press internal elastomer components.

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