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Polyurethane vs. Plastic

Advantages of Urethane vs Silicone, Nylon and/or UHMW

In today’s industrial applications, the cost of material is not the only part of the initial set up and/or replacement to consider.

Companies are trying to stretch their dollars and make them count.  If you purchase a material that does not hold up to various conditions, your downtime can cost man-hours and production loss. These issues could have been prevented by choosing a superior product.

When choosing materials, there are a few things to consider beyond cost.


1. Resistance to Ozone and Oxygen

Our Thermoset Urethane holds up under these conditions, where Nylon and UHMW do not.

3. Extreme Tensile, Tear Strength and Abrasion Resistance

Our Thermoset Urethane, with its elastomeric properties, holds up to extreme tensile demands and has outstanding tear strength, where Silicone does not.  It also surpasses Nylon and UHMW in tear strength and abrasion resistance.

3. Shock Absorbing and Sound Dampening

With our Thermoset Urethane, we have several formulations to minimize or eliminate these issues in your applications.  Nylon and UHMW do not have this ability.

4. Bonding One Material to Another Material

Our Thermoset Urethane can be bonded depending on your needs, either by us or by you.  We can make a range of sheet materials with no wax so that you can adhere to the urethane to another product. Also, if the application needs are such that you require the urethane to be bonded to a particular material, an example would be steel or aluminum, PSI Urethanes can do that for you. We have a superior bonding process that holds up in the most extreme conditions. The same cannot be said about Nylon and UHMW. They do not have that capability.

5. Durometer Range

PSI Urethane’s have a full range of durometers on the “A” scale to 70 on the “D” scale.  Silicone, Nylon, and UHMW are limited in their durometers. Having a broad range of durometers available to you assures that you get the right product for your specific application.

PSI Urethanes, Inc. has a Chemist on-site to help its Sales Associates with any questions you may have. Give us a call and allow us to help assist you with your industrial applications.

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