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Selecting The Right Durometer for Your Application

Durometer Range Suggestions And Physical Considerations

When researching for a manufacturing project, the right qualifying information will go a long way toward getting you started. To help you make an informed decision on your next polyurethane part order, we have created a chart with suggested durometer ranges for various applications. In conjunction with that, we have listed the physical properties of different durometers that you should consider for each use.

Suggested Durometer Ranges

The following durometer ranges (notated as shore durometers) are matched with a set of physical characteristics that would likely be ideal for the intended application of the finished polyurethane product. Every project is different and will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis- but this chart is a good starting point to give you an idea of what to look for.

Index of Physical Considerations

  • A: Tear Resistance
  • B: Compression Set
  • C: Rebound (Resilience)
  • D: Abrasion Resistance
  • E: Load Bearing Ability
  • F: Chemical/Water Resistance
  • G: Heat/Cold Resistance
  • H: Frictional Properties
  • I: Ability To Handle Dynamic Forces
  • J: Shock Absorption


ApplicationShore "A"Shore "D"Physical Considerations
Bumpers50A - 80AB,C,I,J
Bushings, Cams & Bearings90A50D - 70DB,E,F,G,H,I
Check Valves60A - 90AB,C,F,G
Chute & Hopper Liners60A - 90A50DA,D,F,H
Clamps60A - 90AB,E,G,H
Cutting Board Surfaces90A50D - 70DA,C,I
Drive Rollers50A - 90AD,E,F,G,H,I
Flexible Couplings50A - 90AA,E,G,I,J
Gaskets50A - 90A50DB,F,G
Gears90A50D - 70DA,D,E,F,G,I
Light Drive Belts60A - 90A50DA,D,F,G,H
Mallet Heads90A50D - 70DA,C,J
Metal Forming Pads70A - 90A50DA,K
Mounts50A - 90AB,E,G,J
Printing Rollers20A - 50AC,F
Pulley/Sheave Liners60A - 90A50DD,G,H,I
Pump Impellers90A50D - 70DD,F,G
Scraper Blades60A - 90A50D - 60DA,D,F,G,H
Seals50A - 90A50DB,F,G
Stripper Springs80A - 90A50DC,F,H,J
Tires & Wheels60A - 90A50D - 60DB,C,D,E,H,I
Durometer Reference Calculator

While the shore hardness scale is a great way to specify to manufacturers what you’re looking for, a letter and a number can only tell you so much in a practical sense. To make it easier to get an idea of what each durometer is really like, we’ve put together a this quick reference calculator. Simply use the drop-down menus to specify which scale and hardness you want to know more about, and our calculator will give you a common item with comparable hardness or softness.

Durometer Chart
Select Durometer
Select Hardness
shoe icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Gel Shoe Insole

rubber band

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Rubber Band

eraser icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Pencil Eraser


For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Tire Tread

shopping cart icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Shopping Cart Wheel

hard hat icon

For reference, this hardness is as soft as a Hard Hat

Tabletop Video: Durometer Explained

Want to learn more about the significance of selecting the right durometer? Check out this video where we explain what durometer is, how it’s measured, and how durometers can influence other physical properties like tear resistance, flexibility, and more.

TABLETOP VIDEO: Durometer Explained

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