Barrel Patch

Urethane Barrel Patches

Part Number: 6ft BP-1, 11ft BP-2, 27ft BP-3

PSI is the original and only manufacturer of urethane barrel patch spill control products designed to stop leaks fast on 55-gallon drums. The barrel patches are made of tough, chemical resistant urethane that forms a tight seal.

Their benefits include:

  • Made of durable 5 x 7 inch leak proof urethane patch on tough 6’ nylon belt.
  • Easy-to-Use. Simply place over barrel, align patch over leak and tighten with ratcheting buckle.
  • Custom nylon belts available in 11 ft. and 27 ft. lengths.
  • Resists oils and certain solvents and chemicals. Cleans easily with soap and water.
  • Reusable and available in stock.

Close up of barrel with urethane patch. Urethane barrel patch strap.

Compatible Chemicals For Use With The Barrel Patch:
Aluminum SaltsGasolineNaphtha
Barium SaltsGlycol EtherPropylene Glycol
Boric AcidHexaneSodium Hydroxide (50%)
ButanolJet Fuel (JP-5)Tetrachloroethylene
Calcium ChloriteKeroseneTriethylamine
Cupric ChlorideMethanolTurpentine
FormaldehydeMineral OilWater

Contact PSI for the complete Chemical Compatibility Guide.

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