Custom Urethane Products: Ideal Solutions for a Variety of Applications Part 1

Cast Urethane Parts

Custom urethane products are an ideal solution for a variety of applications. In this blog post series we will cover several of these situations along with examples of how companies have turned to custom urethane parts and products for their applications.

Non-Marring Applications

Many companies struggle with materials such as rubber that damage products or equipment and seek a material that is durable and non-marring (does not transfer marks or residue). Urethane is an ideal solution for these applications. A few examples:

  • A global car manufacturer needed an assembly line part to hold doors in place, as the rubber parts they were using left a residue on newly produced parts. The car manufacturer now uses urethane for this part.
  • A manufacturing company is now using urethane to coat their assembly line rollers as their previous rubber application was damaging new products while in production.
  • A pipe manufacturer needed a solution for covering their heavy duty rollers to protect products from being damaged. They now use urethane to encase their rollers.

High-Vibration Applications

Along with the benefit of being a non-marring material, custom urethane products are a great solution for applications that involve high amounts of vibration. Urethane dampens vibrations and retains its durability and strength in various applications. It is an incredibly durable, versatile, material that can stand the test of time, even in extreme conditions.

Examples of high-vibration parts include seals, vibration isolators, vibration dampeners, and bushings. Common parts and machinery that require bushings are pneumatic machinery, hydraulic machinery, mount suspensions and other forms of equipment in extreme environments.

Manufacturing companies have found that the benefits of withstanding high-vibration combined with being a long-lasting, non-marring material make custom urethane products an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog post series for more applications where custom urethane products are an ideal solution and be sure to visit our website for more information on urethane applications. You can also explore our custom urethane capabilities here.