Durometer vs Design: Two Key Variables for Longer Performing Capper Rings

Urethane Rings

When it comes to capper ring applications, all operations are set up differently and have specific requirements that come into play. We frequently hear the question, “How can I get the best longevity from our capper rings?” To answer this, it all comes down to your application and the formula.

There are different variables that can determine the longest lasting formula that will work across different applications, including, but not limited to, the material of the cap, speed of the capping machine and pressure needed to apply the cap.  While capper rings are primarily used in the bottling industry, we also see them used in a variety of other applications. Since all operations are set up differently, each instance can have specific requirements to ensure longer performing capper rings.

Below are two key variables to consider to ensure the custom formula you select results in longer performing capper rings in your application:


A commonly used durometer across industries has consistently been 60 Shore A. Over the years, we have seen an expansion in durometers, ranging anywhere from 40 Shore A through 90 Shore A. Industry manufacturing leaders for capper rings are using these additional formulations that not only range in durometer, but also include Ethers and Esters, MDI’s and TDI’s, and FDA Wet and FDA Dry.

Custom formulations have been designed over time to assist in the setup of each individual operation and can result in longer performing products.


The second key element to increase longevity is design.  Having the capability to produce dual durometers, machine a 45° taper on the OD or fill your custom design requires the need for a specific gripper disc which can lead to better performance and in turn, will drive longevity.

Getting the Capper Ring Durability You Need

At PSI Urethanes, our team produces rings made from tough, premium grade urethane, which ensures they will hold up in a wide range of applications. If you are not getting the durability you need from your existing capper rings, please give us the opportunity to assist you.  We understand that anytime your machine is down for repairs, that costs you time and money and our goal is to help keep your production lines running.