When Lead Time Is What Matters Most

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Alternatives to Molding Thermoset Polyurethane

Sometimes you just need parts quickly and do not have time to wait on molds and parts to be manufactured.  Below, PSI Urethanes offers some suggestions to get a faster turn around, when your parts can be manufactured from a range of our standard rods, tubes, standard and custom cast sheets.

Blank parts can be easily produced in:

  • Precision cast sheet material with a thickness tolerance of ±.005 to ±.010 standard
  • Open-cast sheet material with a thickness tolerance of ±.030 to ±.045 standard
  • Standard rod diameters in 3-foot lengths with a tolerance of ±.045 to +.125/-.060
  • Standard tubing in a range of sizes and tolerances
Machining urethane

Machinable Formulations

  • Specific machining formulas for 60 Shore “A” to 85 Shore “A” durometer
  • Standard formulations for 90 Shore “A” to 70 Shore “D” durometers are easily machined.
Waterjet cutter for urethane

Waterjet Cutting

  • Your part is two inches thick or under and you can utilize flat sheet stock to cut a custom part out of.
  • No durometer limitations as 25 Shore “OO” to 70 Shore “D” can be waterjet cut.
Steel rule die

Die Cutting

  • An alternative to custom flat parts such as rings, gaskets, seals, and strips used for a variety of applications.
  • Durometers that range from 25 Shore “OO to 90 Shore “A”.