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DrainProtector II

Urethane Drain Safety Seals

Got Drains? We’ve Got You Covered

The DrainProtector™ II is a NEW reversible urethane drain safety seal. The pad is constructed of a solid tacky urethane product with no fillers that deliver a tough, durable seal using either side. Due to its lighter weight, the drain protector can be used quickly for emergency chemical spills.

urethane drain safety seals

DrainProtector™ II From the Makers of the Original DrainProtector™ Safety Seal

Urethane Drain Safety Seals Features

Light Weight and Easy-to-Use

The DrainProtector™ II is made of a solid tough polyurethane. It requires no reinforced fillers making it light weight and easy to handle.


Since the DrainProtector™ II is tacky on both sides, either side can be used to form a tight safety seal to block out liquids.


After using, simply wash the DrainProtector™ II, replace the plastic film, roll it on the tube and return the tube to the container. The DrainProtector™ II is tough enough to stand up to repeated use.

Chemically Resistant

The polyurethane DrainProtector™ II is compatible for use with a wider range of chemicals and substances than rubbers and plastics. It is often more suitable when coming into contact with certain solvents, oils and chemicals. Plus, it’s environmentally safe.

Large Stock

DrainProtector™ II can be custom made to your specifications at the manufacturer’s U.S. plant. To assure a secure seal, remember to always have an additional 6 inches larger than the outside of the drain. Typically, the turnaround time for a custom safety seal is two weeks.

  • Rectangle
    PSI-1860A 18″x60″
    PSI-3660A 36″x60″
  • Round
    PSI-12AR 12″
    PSI-20AR 20″
    PSI-30AR 30″
    PSI-42AR 42″
  • Square
    PSI-18A 18″x18″
    PSI-24A 24″x24″
    PSI-36A 36″x36″
    PSI-42A 42″x42″
    PSI-48A 48″x48″
    PSI-54A 54″x54″

The DrainProtector™ II is available directly from your local safety product distributor. To locate a distributor in your area call PSI at (800) 888-5156.

Industries Utilizing Urethane Drain Safety Seals

Many industries rely on urethane drain safety seals for their needs, including:

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