Cast Urethane Parts for Marine & Maritime Industry

PSI Urethanes is a leading manufacturer of cast and molded urethane for the marine and maritime industry. In offshore applications, urethane elastomers are the chosen material due to its many application advantages including resistance to hydrolysis and microbial attack, as well as reliable performance at low ocean temperatures and high pressure in deep water. Urethane elastomers can be used to reduce strain on pipes and cables by flexing in the marine environment, and are suitable for encapsulating electrical components, and for protecting pipes and cables.

Advantages of Using Urethane for Marine Applications

  • No water absorption
  • Salt water resistant
  • UV stabilized (when the color black or red is used)
  • Resists the growth of algae and fungus
  • Can be placed in humid or tropical locations
  • Does not oxidize even after long exposure to water and harsh environments
  • High load bearing properties
  • Great vibration and shock absorbing properties
  • Low noise
  • High abrasion resistance

Marine Industry Applications

  • Aquatic Poly Rollers – used to pull boats out of the water
  • Rings, Gaskets and Seals
  • Polyurethane Roller Cradles
  • Urethane V-Rollers for boat trailers
  • Urethane Impellers

Additionally, we recommend using cast urethane in combination with stainless steel in water applications to prevent the core from rusting.

Ship & Equipment Types Benefiting From Cast Urethane Parts

  • Motor & Sail Yachts
  • US Navy Ships
  • US Coast Guard Vessels
  • Offshore Construction Equipment

Whether you are re-covering existing parts or have a custom urethane project, our experts will help you determine the right durometer (hardness) and specifications for your needs. As the leading manufacturer of cast urethane in the marine industry, you can count on PSI Urethanes to deliver exactly what you need. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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