Vibration Dampening and Shock Absorption with Shore OO

Vibration dampening and shock absorbing urethane components in robots

When it comes to Shock absorbing and Vibration dampening, PSI Urethanes has a wide range of durometers that can be utilized for both applications.  Our  shore “OO” material is excellent for both applications, as this video demonstrates.

By definition, a shock absorber is any device used for absorbing sudden impulses or shocks in machinery or a structure.  As seen in the video, this material absorbs shock so well that even an egg will not break. Depending on your application requirements, this material offers a range of shock absorption.  

Another great property of our urethane material, is its ability to absorb (dampen) vibrational energy.  As shown in the video, it dampens the energy of our bouncy ball and the golf ball. Generally speaking, vibration dampeners or isolators are manufactured out of a rubber or foam material and depending on application, they are sometimes made out of multi-layered materials.  The beauty of PSI Urethanes material is that it is a solid, which means this could very well cut down on manufacturing time, and this translates to a quicker delivery time for you.

Thermoset Polyurethane surpasses other materials used for these applications, and not just in performance, but in longevity as well.  This material has a high level of chemical resistance, making it ideal for applications where exposure is a factor.  As this material Is an elastomer, it can also handle more weight  and not deteriorate due to hysteresis. PSI Urethanes recommends that you do not compress urethane over 25% to get the longest life possible from your products.

The specifications for our 25, 40, and 50 Shore “OO” material should assist you with choosing the best durometer for your delicate and/or light weight machinery.  If you need further assistance, PSI Urethanes can partner with you to create a solution to your shock absorbing and vibration dampening needs.