PSI Urethanes Spill Control Products: Dependable and Reliable

Drain Protector

PSI Urethanes has been the industry leader providing dependable safety seals in drain covers, barrel patches and conical plugs for over 25 years. PSI regards compliance with OSHA regulations and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as vital. That’s why we manufacture spill control products that are trusted on job sites at thousands of companies around the world.

“One of our most reliable vendors! PSI Urethanes always offers us fast, reliable and consistent customer service. It’s comforting knowing our order will ship worry free within two business days of placing the purchase order! Thank you for helping us build a niche in the Urethane Spill Control market!”
– Travis Zdrazil, PCI Products Company

Please note that in addition to our standard products, we can manufacture custom-sized drain covers to fit any odd size you may require. To insure a secure seal, we recommend you have an additional 6 inches overall of material over the outside of your drain.

Industries that seek chemical resistant seals in drain covers, barrel patches and conical plugs include:

  • Hospitals
  • Airlines
  • Government Sectors
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Chemical Processing and Manufacturing Sectors
  • Consumer Product Plants
  • Semiconductors

Our staff and customer service are as dependable as our products. We pride ourselves on quick responses for requested quotes and literature. We also offer resources such as the PSI Spill Control Products Dimensions and Weights Chart or the UPS Freight Time and Cost Calculator so you can get the answers you need with ease. If you’re looking for a Safety Data Sheet, find it here.

PSI Urethanes is committed to providing quality spill control products. We sell our safety product line to a network of nation-wide Safety Distributors, and we would be happy to refer you to one of our many trusted partners if you do not currently have a supplier of your own. If you have more questions, please contact us.