From Order to Delivery: The Custom Urethane Provider Capabilities Checklist – Part Two

Cast Urethane Parts

Part one of this blog series covered specific qualifications to look for related to a custom urethane provider’s quality of product. Part two covers the rest of the process: fulfillment and customer service.

While it is important to ensure that your custom urethane product has the correct specifications for your needs, it is equally important to ensure that the correct product arrives on time and at the correct location, especially for projects that have a tight turn-around.

Working with an expert custom urethane provider helps to ensure that the entire process, from production to fulfillment, proceeds as smoothly as possible. In addition to extensive product knowledge, expert custom urethane providers are skilled in customer service. Through each stage of the production and fulfillment process, they take several steps to ensure that the correct custom urethane product arrives when needed.

How can you ensure that a custom urethane provider is able to do this? Here is a handy checklist of specific qualifications to look for when evaluating providers related to order fulfillment and customer service:

Can the Custom Urethane Provider:

  • Drop ship products directly to your customer?
  • Package in your company’s boxes or put your labels on generic boxes?
  • Make specialized crates or pallets to protect your products during shipping?
  • Make partial shipments when needed?
  • Ship stock sheet material the same day?
  • Provide complete traceability of all raw materials, production conditions and procedures used to produce your product?
  • Provide certifications when needed?
  • Retain records of your parts’ formulations and process conditions for future use?

If a provider is not able to claim at least a significant number, or preferably, all of the preceding qualifications, it would be wise to look for other options. Be wary of providers who promise a quick turn-around without any mention of the competencies listed above.